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Date: October 17th 1942
Mr. and Mrs. Morlidge
Celia Spink

23, Horton Grange Road

Dear Mr & MRs Morlidge.

By this time you will no doubt have heard the news that Arthur is missing. I would have written to you before only there was rather a delay in getting your address.

I sincerely trust that you will forgive me taking the liberty of writing to you, only I knew Arther whilst we were on the same R.A.F. Station.

Perhaps it will be a little consolation to you to know that during my 2 ½ years in the R.A.F. serving with the W.A.A.F. I have known and heard of numerous cases where the crew have baled out of their aircraft and have managed to escape. There is no news at all of Arthur or his crew so far: it takes several weeks to receive any information, especially if they are escaping.

The Adjutant of his squadron was exceptionally fond of "Cherub"- as he was always known to everyone; he was the youngest boy in the Squadron and the Adjutant said he always kept a fatherly eye on him - he was always teasing Cherub about this. I received a letter from the Adj. enclosing two pictures of Arthur which are really excellent, one of which I've enclosed for you just in case you have not got such a recent snap of him.

May I quote a paragraph from the letter:
"He was a swell kid. The loss of chaps like "Cherub" make us all the more determined to give Germany hell and end this [?] business." We have our own W.A.A.F. Offices Mess which is very much smaller and more comfortable than the R.A.F. Mess. Arthur and his friends often used to come round in the evenings when they were not on operations, and relax in front of the fire put their feet up and listen to the wireless or talk. Arthur often talked about home - his brothers and sisters, and all the lovely times he had.

If you get any information about Arthur I would be grateful if you would kindly let me know.

Yours Sincerely,
Celia Spink

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