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Date: July 2nd 1942

July 2, 1942

Dear Folks,

Early again! I think it is only Thursday although I am really not sure. I have lost all count of date or day. My what an [?] life!?

It is now about 9.00 o'clock in the evening. I have just finished dinner. IT was rather late this evening. I played a couple of sets of tennis before dinner and then had a bath. I lost the tennis too and it really tired me out.

There really isn't anything to report since I last wrote. I really heavenot done anything to write about.

I received eleven letters the other day and 1300 cigarettes. A thousand that you sent and 300 from the Daughers of Empire or whatever it is. If I buy my own cigarettes over here, smoking at the rate of 20 a day it costs about three pound a month which is close to $15.00 So keep them coming. A thousand a month should do.

I received your air mail letter in answer to my cablegram. Although it was pretty low on funds I didn't intend to draw from my Canadian account unless it was absolutely necessary. It was sure great of you to think of sending that money through. Thanks a lot! I have to get some new shoes and such so I can put it to good advantage. The bank hasn't informed me that the money is there as yet but I don't think they knew exactly where I was. I haven't drawn on it at all and I believe it is getting close to another pay day. This month is the last month that the tailor will be receiveing any of my pay so I will be that much ahead after.

I believe there is a parcel of food on the way for me. I have received everything else O.K. so far except the two shirts you bought from Phillips. I guess they will be along. Keep the parcels coming please.

You know that idea mother had about getting measured at Sundy's before I left. I sure wish I had done it. I would certainly like a sports jacket, a pair of trousers and a couple of shirts to go with it. We are allowed to wear civies on leave and it would certainly be great to risk a white feather. Or have you heard about them. In London some of the women run around giving the men in civies who are old enough to be in the services a white feather. They often hit some soldier or airman on leave which sort of turns the tables on them. A couple of flight lieutenants, as the story goes, were walking down the main street or London when some bright young thing beamed up at them and handed them a white feather. After a short discussion the lieutenants decided it would be a good idea to spank her and so they did. Anyway I am five foot ten tall with a thirty seven chest. My pant lef is 32 and the waist is the same. Call around and see Sundy will you and see what he says.

You know those little nice collar snubbers. Well they don't have them over here so you might send me a couple.

I wrote Grandma and Grandad last week. I am glad to heard that they are well and Grandma has got over her mumps attack.

May get another leave pretty soon and so may go down to London again for a couple of days. This time I think I will see around the city. I know a very good guide and I'd just love to show her around.

Did you know that a theatre in London is showing "Gone With the Wind" and has been showing it ever since it came over here. I tried to go last time I was in town and learnt if I bought tickets on Friday I could get into the show on Tuesday. I intend to see it if I go to town again.

I just got me some lemonade. They sell it in the bottle over here and call it table waters or mineral waters. Did I tell you I got a bottle of Coca Cola in London. Sure was good.

The girl in Bournemouth has been proposed to by a Canadian and she wrote enquiring as to what she is to do. She evidently is after a Canadian and wrote and asked me what I was going to do. She wants to know whether I have any intentions of marrying her. I guess I'll just keep her guessing till nest year then I'll have to buy her a silk dress.

Say I'm writing quite a bit for a guy who had nothing to say aren't I. Oh well I guess I'll just have to double the postage.

You know it is rather a long way from Christmas but I think I'll start early and avoid the rush. It would be rather hard to buy presents from over here so I'll make mine to the whole family. I want to pay half of the cost of a chesterfield unit. If you can give the dealer half cash you may be able to arrange terms on the rest of even pay full cash out of my account and pay it back as you can. Make it a good unit. Is that idea agreeable with you? Now I want you do to do that if it is O.K. by you. No humming and hawing around. That is my Christmas present to the family. I thought I would arrange it with you now because you may get a good offer.

Say how is my account doing. The insurance and everything is all O.K. isn't it. Have my debts been all settled including the Smith Batos and Dr Holt. I hope being my attorney or whatever position it is isn't too much work for you. I'll have you to defend me if I ever get sued for breach of promise or anything although that I don't think will ever happen.

The gal friend in London has been doing some dancing or something for a movie this past week but she said that she isn't too busy to see me if I go to town. Nice people!

Well I reckon I better lose for now. See Sundy in regards to sports jacket, trousers, shirts & a couple of ties will you.

Love to All

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