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Date: February 1st 1942

P/O Morlidge AB J9762
No 3 Y Depot
Debert N.S.
Feb 1. 1942

Dear Folks.

And how is everything going with you. I guess you might have been a little worried at not hearing from me but believe me I couldn't.

We have been aboard a ship for the past week and were not allowed to write any letters or communicate with anybody. The ship developed a bad boiler or something so we returned to shore yesterday. Upon our arrival we were led straight to a train and ended up here at Debert.

I have had a very bad cold for the past two weeks and have this drank what seemed like gallons of cough mixture. On arrival here I thought I would get in the hospital and get rid of my cold. I came back with another bottle of cough mixture.

Don't mention anything about the past week. Although it cannot make much difference it would be better to be safe than sorry.

Can you please tell Mr Doy that everything has been arranged O.K. and the government will pay him. What you better not tell him however is that the hat, which he thought so much of and was indeed a very good one, is completely out of circulation. While walking around the deck one night the wind lifted my hat off my head and sent it overboard. I hope some fish appreciates it. When in Halifax last Saturday three of us went down town a ordered a pair of pants each. We payed the required $15.00 per pair and then left Halifax on the Sunday much to our dismay. So far that makes a hat and a pair of pants I am missing. I hope it is warm in England for I am liable to be poorly clothed if that keeps on.

How did those pictures turn out that were taken while I was home. IF the ones of yours truly are any good please send a couple. There seems to be a slight demand for them!!

I don't know what we will be doing here or how long we will stay so please send your letters Air Mail. I haven't received your last letter yet but expect it to catch up to us tomorrow.

I say I see a lot of nursing sisters on the boat. Some of them knew Ernest at Weyburn. One even nursed him and was she nice!!

They say that while we are on the other side we can not write to Canada and directly ask for food or such. Therefore I will make up a list of what I might need over there and you can send them as I hint from the other side.
Razor blades
Lighter fluid and flints
Vitamin capsules
Chewing gum
Canned meat

I purchased some tea and butter to take to Grandma Chamberlain on the other side if I can get it there.

Well I must close for now
Don't worry about me

I have really been busy but will try and write to my friends as soon as possible. Tell them I am O.K.

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