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Date: August 6th 1942
George (brother)

Did you get that note from Helen in one of my letters?
Lloydminster, Sak., August 6th, 1942
Dear Art.
Congratulations, We heard over the radio this morning that you were one of the officers from Western Canada who took part in the raid over the Rhur Valley last night. I never heard the actual broadcast myself but Gordon Cook and rev walker phoned me as soon as the broodcast was over and told me of it. Mother and Dad heard it and Mother went to Mrs Fox to phone me but the line was busy at the time. Several have spoken to me about it this afternoon, Well the fisrt trip is over, that must have been a nerve wraching experience theyalwsys seem to saw the first is the worst, so I am pleased that you came through successfully. I will now be wating for wat ever information censor will allow you to write. Naturally we are all excited about it at home. A lady went into Hick's this afterno and told horna that she had heard the broadcast and her difficulty non explaining to her husband who it was, According to how Lorna told me, it appears that the lady, who resides on a farm told her husband that it was the culry headed bithat used to work in Hicks, but he could not remember, Well she asked her husband you know that little girl in the store now with the beautiful hair, Yes he could remember her, Well the wife told her husband, Her Brother. Both mother and I Lorna and Verg Morgan thought that was rich.
It is only two nights ago that I sent you a air mail letter, but nothing has happened og interest since then except the big broadcast which has got us all adither. The Cookes were in from Furmes this afternoon, and they heard the news, however I started out to say that they have taken elia and Dorothy back on the farm with them, It is a little quieter at home to-night, We are all sitting arpund the house waiting for the eight o'clock news to listen in case it is mentioned again, Mother is cleaning windows, Margaret reading and Eileen is playing with the typewrite as I write hurridly in an effort to get finished by news time. George is doing some work for Miss Shannon, putting glass I her greenhouse as you used to and reputting parts of it. Olover is down at Dorothy Bayntons doing sme work, The older children have been making themselves quite useful this summer picking up odd jobs and earning a few cents, and they have a grand time buying themselves this and that.
best of luck and good wishes from all at home,

Steve Hall hopes you dropped a good one for him.
Well Art - hope they dident give you any Medicine, last-night because we hope you bbit the right place would not do to be one [?] nun at that time.
Well Art putting all jokes on one side I hope that you are all right - look after yourself have a good time when you are on leave I guess you'll need it Dad was all excited, I was peeved because I had just switched the Radio off and did not hear it so I kept the Raido on and hope & pray I hear it now well best wishes and lots of luck
Dear Art:
Hellow and how is the world treating you this lovely evening? Are the mosquitoes eating you up like they are us over here. We are nearly eaten to bits. There won't be anything left to reduce on Mum and I when they get finished with us. If you looked at my legs you would think that I had spotted fever or something. It came over the radio that you were over Germany last night. Good going there pal. Weren't you thrilled. Nest time drop one on the Jerries for me. I'll bet that you really had a swell time. Were you scared. Nothin much has been happening over here lately. Howard James is in India now I think. Ada says he is no longer in Engladn and that he is either in India or Africa or somewhere around there. She is in the munitions and seems to like it very much according to her letter, received the other day. The kids went on their Sunday School pinic yesterday. Remember the days when we used to go on them. They couldn't use trucks so they stayed in town instead of going out on a lake. Max and Charles went and they seemed to enjoy themselves. This is all for this time. The spray is out on the garden tonight. Delia and Dot are out at Cooks at Furnes for the holidays.
Lots of Love,


Dear Art:

I have heard that you were over Germany last night. I hope you gave them the works. They shur needed it for the way they have made the world suffer.

I have got the job which you had at Miss Shannon only I just get 15[cents] a hour.

I got to prizes in my fair works one in Muice and one in my birdhouse. All I got together was 90 [cents]

We are going to Battleford some time between the 17 and the 24th. I am looking forward to it. That is all for now.

Your loving brother


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