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Date: January 28th 1917

France Jan 28/17

Dear Mother:-
This is Sunday morning again. Last Sunday we hit this place. Leonard is with us again for the time we are out. He may or may not go back to the baths when we go in again. His billets are very cold. They consist of a loft and it is all open. Once he gets to bed though, he can keep warm because there is lots of hay to crawl into. Our platoon was very lucky this time. We got a fine billet. Leonard comes down every night and we talk, eat and write letters. Wes comes up every night too. But as usual the main thing becomes for is eats. Say mother if you see Mrs. Heald tell her to send him peanut butter. He likes that above all else and he says he never gets any.

Mason is back in sixteen platoon again. Bob Armstrong is still with Liet Muirhead. I saw him the other day as we were marching along. His comes down to this village every day with his truck. When he goes to Blighty he is going to get Len's and by boots soled and the send them back. Tell the salesman who recommended those boots without soles for the trenches to come over and have aq look at things then he could change his mind.
Here goes to answer your questions.
1.Parcels and mail are brought into the trenches every night the same as when we are out
2. No! there is nothing I need the eatables you send are all right.
3. I think the gaze shirts are o.k. I wear them right along and can sleep at night. Flat is more than some or most of the boys can do.
4. The cotton gloves are very handy but you don't have to send so many
An average of one pair a week is plenty. The cap is fine and warm.
5. A trip in and out generally consists of [censored] days. [censored] in and [censored] out. Something this is changed
6. When we are out we go [ censored] mile back
7. We don't wash our socks. When we get a bath we get a clear pair. I always have about six hours knit pairs on hand.

There does that answer your questions satisfactorily
I have just got six parcels since coming here. That is an average of one a day. I don't suppose there is any use in going over every-thing I got. I'll just say everything was great those yellow gloves are very good. I gave Len a pair and the pair I kept were a little tight at first but after a couple of days wear they just fit right.

Yesterday was a very cold day and we had a route march I had the gloves on and was holding the rifle. That is close on the hands but my hands remained warm so I guess the gloves are "tres bon".
I had a good job last time in the trenches I was scout. Two of us from the company patrolled with a battalion scout. We are getting lecture this time out, We are starting on map reading. My Geometry helps out quite a bit, as the protrastor is about the main thing to understand in order to read maps. Then the compass is used too.

The R.C.'s had church parade this morning at 10:30 this afternoon at 2.30 we have church parade. I have my doubts about there being any lengthy sermon though because weather conditions are not favorable. I sent Cliff a letter the other day. Did he get it?
I guess I owe Dad a letter next

Remember me to any body and everybody anything and everything with love from Gordon.

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