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Date: May 7th 1916
Jack Beck

21 Windsor Road.
Sunday May 7, 1916.

My dear Gertrude,

My last letter from home for some time. we go back to-morrow. No letter from you but it will probably have gone to Forncett to be waiting for me.

I believe I wrote to you on Wednesday this week, and I don't think much has been done since. Our weather has turned cold & we have had a lot of rain.

I had promised to act as guide to Muriel & two girlfriends of hers to Eddington Wood on Thursday but rain prevented it, so they came to tea & we played "500" afterwards. A game new to them as to all English people except those who have come in touch with Canadians or Americans. The visitors enjoyed it & Mother always enjoys a game but both Poppy & Muriel have no use for card games - except those of the noisy variety such as "Old Main" or "Snap".

I spent all day Friday at Father's office - going through a lot of drawings that had been left in drawers & putting aside those that it was necessary to keep. They must have been overlooked when Father had his stuff removed. Soon after Father went to France the landlord died & it appears that the arrangements re closing the tenancy were only made verbally between Father & he, including taking over a lot of fixtures & fittings (including the drawers where I found the drawings) The executors wrote fortunately in time for me to settle things before leaving home, claiming that another 6 months notice would be necessary from July 1st. However I got things settled quite satisfactorily.

Yesterday a big trip to Sheffield had been planned. Mother & Auntie Kate & I were going at ten [?] [?] & 4 others were coming on at one oclock.

The morning was wet but the girls would not put off their outing (it included for them - a visit to a Fortune Tellers - which however did not come off as the "lady" was too busy to see them) I got a P.C. from Frank Robertson saying he thought he might get over from Camp & would telegraph later. So I stayed & seeing the weather, Mother & Auntie Kate postponed going also. I spent most of the morning & afternoon very profitably getting my things collected for packing. The telegram did not come till 4- although handed in at 11, saying he could not get away from Camp.

Auntie Kate came in for tea & supper & after tea I went down town in the rain. Later on we had a 3 handed game at "500", Auntie Kate being very keen about it.

The girls got in about ten - after. What they declared, had been a most enjoyable day - they had it fine for the early afternoon & did a lot of shopping.

To-day is fine but dull. Mother, Muriel & I turned out for Church this morning. Poppy cooked the dinner & wrote letters. She and I are due down at the Stiles for afternoon tea.

We had a letter from Berk yesterday. They are over in Ireland - encamped near Queenstown. He was, for a wonder, not sick in crossing over. It only took eight hours, but one hour is usually enough for him. Ian is still in Beverly but moving to some wherelse in Yorkshire this week.

I am enclosing you a letter, as I did before for Auntie Kate - this is for a friend of hers. Do you mind putting 3c stamps on each envelope & enclosing one in the other. I enclose you 10c to cover this. This 10c piece slipped out of Syd's letter which came on Friday. It must have got enclosed by mistake, so as it is mine by discovery - I may as well use it this way.

Syd was evidently soon going into Camp, so Pauline & Mrs S. will be alone on College Street. I suppose if he goes to Niagara, she will be going over occasionally to that boarding house she went to last year at Niagara -on-the-lake.

I enclose you the last of the [?] cards. I had mislaid this one. It is the village school, the scene of the Red Cross Concert in March. The trees beyond are in the Rectory Ground - forming a great screen between the road & the lawn. The entrance to the Church is direct to the right - from the front of the picture. The school is unique in having the only slate roof in the district, the others are either tile or thatch.

Auntie Kate has arrived and it is time Pop & I got down to Stiles.

Hope you all keep well. Best wishes to everyone.

With best love.


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