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Date: July 5th 1918
Mother and Father
Walter Liddiard

Witley Camp

July 5th 1918

Dear Folks,

I can only write a few lines today, I am busy trying to catch up with my correspondence, I am away behind so have to get busy.

My leave is coming at last, they told all of us who have been here over 5 weeks to fall out yesterday morning, and took our names and numbers and where we will be going on Tuesday. I must write to Aunt Kate tonight and let her know. I am busy now getting cleaned up a bit, I haven't had any new clothes since I joined up and these old ones look pretty well faded and dirty. I hate to go to Chatham looking like a tramp but I'm in the army now and they will have to take me as I am. I am sure looking from to a little change I [?] going to say rest, but that would hardly be correct as I am certainly not overworked at present.

I was down to the post-office to cash my [?] tonight, I left it for a few weeks to allow time for the [?] to arrive, I arrived 10 minutes after closing time but when I him I was in the bus-iness myself he cashed it for me. It will come in just right for my leave They sure hold the soldiers up here, I bought ½ doz Gillette blades and they charged me 3[?] that's $1.50 a doz, they are [?] 4-a doz on the box. If you send a parcel you might send a dozen or maybe it would be better to send it by itself by registered mail. Don't bother about sending parcels while I'm in England, I certainly enjoyed the last one, but it costs too much to send them and there is always the chance of not getting them too, which would mean quite a loss. I can buy quite a few things at the canteens here now and the rest I can go without. I know that you can use the money too. I wish they had granted you some separation allowance, but it can't be helped when I'm in France I may need a parcel occasionally.

I was up to my friends places at Goldalming on Tuesday, picking goose berries and a good feed after on, new potatoes and cream cheese, bread, butter, and jam and two cups of fine coffee. Got another job there sometime, building a rabbit hutch.

Haven't had much mail lately, except letters from two girl friends, guess all my friends have forgotten me.

Write soon and give me all the news of yourself and the city.

Enough for tonight

Your Loving Son


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