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Date: October 22nd 1917
Ludlow Weeks

Witley, Surrey
Oct 22, 1917

Dear Mother:-

Well another week has passed but nothing unusual has happened. Did I tell you in my last letter about getting a pass for the afternoon and going to Guildford. I don't think I did. Well I was all over the city and was all thru' the ruins of a castle dating 1100. It was built by King John. It was very interesting. Guildford is a little larger than Halifax and is 7 miles from camp.

Have you got my photos snap-shots and album unpacked and anywhere handy. If you have I wish you would send me some snaps that you would think I'll like to have. Some of camp especially. Don't send any unless there is two of them and don't think of it all if it would be any bother

I ought to be getting some mail in a week or so now. I haven't got any yet. You had better number the letters you send me as some may go astray coming over. I think all go O.K. going to Canada. Anyway I lost track long ago of the numbers.

I am beginning to get fat now. My tunic and breeches are both too small for me now and they were both too big for me in Canada.

I wish I knew your address for certain. I am sending them to Auntie Vides' as you see. That is all right I hope.

If Iam lucky enough to get a new uniform, Iam going to have my picture taken. They are 2/6 per doz (about 57¢). What about my camera. I can't keep it here unfortunately as it won't do it any good. I have a film in it now that Iam going to use soon. I have a little pocket holder for photos which I got in Scotland, also a diary which I remember to write up about once a fortnight. But I've got a full story of my trip in it and that about all that counts.

Do you ever get Truro papers now. I wish you would send me som, if you do. they certainly would look good.

I have a lot of stuff to send you that I got on my trip. The sending means a trips to the nearest Post Office which is the only reason they haven't gone before. They are only pictures and books and things like that.

Ralph & I went to church last night. We started going to Bible Class on Sunday Afternoons but since I've got my new job I can only go once every 3 weeks when I am off for Sunday afternoon and night. Twice a week I am off for the afternoon and night and besides that twice a week I am off for the afternoon alone. Twice a week I work at night and twice a week I work in the afternoon.

Well I must close now. You know my address; "E" Battery, etc.


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