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Date: October 7th 1917
Ludlow Weeks

Oct 7 1917

Dear Mother:-

I am still in doubt as to my address, but it has been changed since I wrote last. I am in "E" Battery instead of "D" Battery. You know the rest don't you.

If everything goes well, I will be going to Scotland tomorrow or Tuesday. I think I'll have plenty to write about when I return. I am going to try and to put in a couple of days at London and if I have plenty of time, I may go down to Folkestone with Witter Archibald, whose sister is there.

I've been to Sunday School with Ralph Blackmore twice since I've been out of quarantine. Next Sunday, I think we have our photograph taken. I'll get one if we do and send it to you.

Ralph and I are at Canada Hall tonight writing letters. It is a very nice place. It, the Y.M.C.A and the Salvation Army are three things it would be to get along without. Especially the Y.M.C.A. The YM has a weekly program and there is something on every night. Ralph and I are going to start taking evening classes in French and Geometry next week at the Y.M.C.A. We pay one shilling and take as many classes as you like. I may take Latin too if its not too hard.

I have plenty of money to take on my pass. I was paid £3 today and I have £4 105 left from the money you gave me. That makes £7 108 (about $33) I don't know how much I'll have when I come back from pass but I don't expect it'll be much as we go out for a good time. I was paid 123,6d when we got here and 10 shillings again latter so that has kept me in pocket money. Everything we spend is for something to eat at the YMCA or canteen so I haven't much to show for it. I am taking my camera with me tomorrow and I hope to get some good photos which I'll send you. None of us have heard from home and don't expect to for about 3 weeks.

Say, if you could be a box of "cats" sometime, it would be slick. But you had better wait untill I am sure of my address.

Well I will close now.

Your loving son

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