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Date: February 18th 1919
Ludlow Weeks

Wavre Belgium
Feb 18, 1919

Dear Mother:-

Received yours of 27th January tonight with the newspaper clippings. Was so sorry to hear of Auntie's death although from what you and Madge have written I have been expecting it more or less I will write a line to Ralph.

It must be nice to have the Lintons so near.

Was very amused to hear the story of Percy B's ejection from the patriotic procession. Well I guess it served him right.

Well the latest line of rumors around this outlet are more encouraging. To begin with, when the 4th Division came to France it had no artillery and about that time they decided to reduce the number of brigade in a division from 3 to 2. So they formed the 4th Div Arty from a brigade of the 1st Division and a brigade of the 2nd. The D.A.C was formed from the 2nd Div. except No 3 Section which come from the 1st Dv. Now the latest is that the 3rd Brigade and 3rd Section Dac. Will go to Canada with the 1st Division since they were originally 1st Div. and the 4th Brigade and Nos 1 & 2 Sections Dac will go with the 2nd Div. That means that we go very soon if it is true. Undoubted by something is in the wind and the offices say that it is correct but I cannot say for sure. If it is, I will be in Canada in April. I do hope it is true and if we make a sudden more and I think I will go quickly I will cable you. Did you get my letters asking for money & telling how to send it. Everybody gets a leave before returning. Send it in French currency and register the letter.

I've got the cutest little kitten you could imagine, purring on my lap at present. But knowing your antipathy to cats, I will drop the subject.

I hope I can get my souvenirs all home, especially the sword. I have a couple of disreputable German camps that I will send by parcel home. But I have one in splendid condition that I won't risk in the mail. Have a German helmet that I'd like to get home but its very clumsyseeing as we have to take our own ones home too. They are given us for presents. I would like to keep my gas-mask also but I doubt if I will be able to.

I brought a film tonight and will take some snaps soon on a pal's camera. He has taken a lot of me now and I will get the negatives from him when he get them done.

Well it is about bed-time so guess I'll stop.


I'm a couple of photos of the 3rd Sect. D.a.c that I'll send whenever I can. LW.

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