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Date: February 3rd 1918
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Camp
Feb 3 1918

Dear Sis-

Here it is Sunday again so I guess Ill write you a few lines but I guess this letter will be short and sweet for there isn't a darn thing to say, for nothing unusual has happened here for about 3 months except that 3 weeks ago yesterday we had a teaspoonful of jam for supper. Otherwise nothing has occured.

I got some papers a few days ago from you and was glad to get them. I sure was surprised to hear of Dr.Daniells marriage. I wonder if he did it to escape conscription.

I'd like to see him in the army.

I got a box from Mother today that was marked[?] Nov 9. I sure was glad to get it as I was broke.

Over here now no one can buy more than one piece of the cake at a time. That is the latest. Soon I suppose they won't sell any.

Well I will close now. This is not very long but I'll write again soon I guess.


I almost forgot. I got a Xmas card which was signed "Love Richardson". There was no address on it so would you write to her and thank her for it Also write me and tell me who she is as I cant think who in the world is is. But don't tell her I didn't know her.

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