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Date: February 3rd 1918
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Camp
February 3 1918

Dear Mother:-

Your box came today, the one you mailed November 9. The one that had the candy in it and I was so glad to get it. Thanks Mother dear for sending it. It went to France and then broke open and was tied up again at the Army P.O and sent to me with everything O.K.

We are having fairly decent weather now for a change. It hasn't rained for several days now.

I have a job as a policeman now for 21 days with a prisoner who is doing that number of days. Ive have to accompany them wherever they go and see that they don't go away. It sure is a soft job. Nothing to it at all. But it wont last very long.

I was for a walk out in the country today and the English country places are so pretty. But the prettiness is not natural like in Canada. Everything is so artificial. But the villages are so quaint and picturesque with tile houses and thatched roofs and nearly is the estate and home of Lord Perry. I saw his house today. It is something like a castle and very pretty.

But I'll be mighty glad to see wooden houses with shingle roofs again. And timber woods instead of groves of trees. Gee but I'd love to be walking thru Canadian woods again with a gun and my bunch and a hatchet in my belt. Do you remember when I used to take my bunch every Saturday. But much as I would like to be back. I don't want go to until I have been in France. I don't think there is much danger of me being taken from the artillery although you can't tell what will happen when the conscripts arrive.

Are many Yankees enlisting where you are. We see some occasionally over here. They seem to strike everybody as being extremely struck on themselves.

Ralph is here beside me also writing. We meet nearly every night at No 3 YMCA and play bagatelle or else write some letters.

Well I must close now


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