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Date: December 23rd 1917
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Camp
December 23 1917

Dear Mother:-

Well here it is Sunday again and just two days before Xmas. Everything is being trimmed with holly here and everything is going to be cheerful on Xmas. I even heard that our offices eat their dinner at the same table as we do on Xmas day. I only hope I am not on guard or anything like that.

I was for a lovely long walk today and had a game of hockey with some fellows on a piece of ice we found, I priced some skates last night they are 8/6 which is fairly cheap. If it is cold winter I think I will get a pair and then sell them again. There is no place where one can hire them.

I was in to town last night and went to the movies. They had a fairly good show but it couldn't touch the Princess or Strand.

Ralph and I have been working out a geometry problem for about an hour. Gee but one gets rusty quick or anything like that.

If I remember I will enclose some snaps I have a lot more coming but they are not ready yet.

I guess it is only too true about that 20-year story. But I don't care. I guess I can stand anything they put me in.

I froze one of my feet on guard the other night and it is pretty sore but is O.K.

I got two letters from you & Sis a few days ago overdue about 3 months. It has the first news I had received about Uncle Harry. I wrote Ralph right away. I have got quite a few boxes but there are a lot that I haven't got. But I hope they will come O.K>

Say but England is a beautiful place when you walk out in the country. I am going to try and take more walks now that cold weather is here. But I suppose itll rain soon. I hope the snow lasts until Christmas.

Well I will close now but will write again soon.


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