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Date: December 6th 1917
Ludlow Weeks


Dear Sis:-

Last night I received your letter. I forget which number it was, but it was the one in which you gave the inventory all the things in the coming box. Believe me, it will be welcome. The last couple of weeks, we have been very well fed but the reason was simple. This week is election week and the gov't wanted every one to vote for it. I guess about everybody did. I did anyway. Did you know that you have a vote in Canada and Mother has and if I were engaged, the girl would, just because I'm a soldier. The reason everybody voted for conscription is because the fellows here have no use for the slackers.

It is a coincidence, but yesterday afternoon I read that article in the Sat Ev'g Post that you spoke about and last night your letter came asking if I had seen it. A lot of it is untrue. about the "lovely" food for instance. But some it is only too true, that part about cleaning muddy wagons and harness at the end of a days work only to get them muddied again.

Did you know Ralph's brother died of wounds. Ralph doesn't know it yet as his letters have gone astray and I didn't get the new until last night. Hugh was a fine fellow. I didn't know him very well, having only met him once or twice but everybody says he was a splendid boy.

I don't know what has happened to the mail I have send you if you only got two for at the time when you sent me that letter, I had written at least 5.

I never got half the letters which Mother sent me but I got one last night with alot of snaps in it.

In one of your letters you asked me what sort of place Milford was. Well it is of about the size and population of Onslow only, being an English village, the houses are all close to gether and it has its little stores. The next town is Godalming, about 3 times as big as Truro (at least the pop. is 3 times as great) There is nothing to do in Godalming except go to the pictures. About 6 miles away is Guildford which is about as big as Halifax. So there you are. However a fellow doesn't need to go out of camp. The YMCA has a concert party Wed & Sat nights and there are 5 huts here at Witley. Then there is Tintown in the middle of the camp where a soldier can buy anything he wants and all the amusements he wants, including moving pictures and a place something like a circus.

So you see how everything is. We have a magazine here, printed by the C.R.A. I sent one to Mother and if I can get another I'll send it to you. If I can't you can get hers. They get one. It is called the "Barrage" and is printed monthly starting November.

Do you know one thing I'm glad of and that is that I dont have to pay postage except on parcels or I would be broke long ago.

Did you send the picture to Dot. I got a letter & snap- what[?] from her last night. She is teaching at Greenfield near Truro. Did you know Herman was home for two weeks the last of October. I had a letter from Foster Murray last night. He doesn't expect to be over very soon. I also got a letter from Kathleen W. Also a box from Kathleen. I also got a letter from Don.Wilson.

Well I must close now. Write soon.


"B" Battery
Reserve Brigade

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