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Date: August 18th 1918
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Camp
August 18,1918

Dear Mother:-

Received two letters from you today dated July 28 and 31st respectively and was glad to get mail addressed to the Siege Reserve at last. Was glad to heard you got the coloured views & the book of views of Wales & Llandudno OK.

Glad to know you got George's letters O.K I gave him your address & he said he was writing.

So Sue has decided to stay at Columbia has she. Will you tell her to write me some time. I haven't had a letter from her for nearly two months but I've written her regularly. I just look it up in my diary and her last letter before that came the 30th of April so you see how her mail has been coming

Gee but I hope Miss Black (Ida, I mean) isn't anywhere near when I get back if she knows I've been in England or France. Gee but it would be pleasant, wouldn't it (?).

I suppose you've read in the paper about the outbreak of Spanish "Flu"(influenza) in England. Well I've just terminated a two weeks turn of it, and it sure was sometime. A fellow just feels absolutely rotten all over without seeming to have anything else the matter with him. However that is all over now.

Is Dr.Daniel still in civilian clothing I suppose he is for his ad still appears in the Truro news. How does he get exemptions I hope he get drafted because of all the species of fools he compared to when I told him I was enlisting.

I hear food is getting scarce in Canada. That is a shame for it seems that Canada is no better than this place, in that case. I hope it is not true that they are going to ration boxes to troops. We heard so many rumors about going in Canada & unless somebody enlightens us in a letter we are no wiser.

I would like to know whether Herman has come over. Its a long time since I've heard from him.

I will have been overseas a year before you get this.

Must close now.


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