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Date: April 7th 1919
Ludlow Weeks

Champles sous Burges
Lez Wavre, Belgium
April 7 1919

Dear Mother:-

Received yours of St Patricks day to-day also clippings about the return of the R.C.R's to Halifax.

I have not received your letters (registered) yet with the money, But hope to soon.

You have received my letters haven't you asking you to cable some money to Lloyds Bank London for me.

You seem to worry a lot about my crossing the Atlantic. The last time I had a 1st class cabin with four 3 others. Of course I may not have a 1st class one going back but its nothing to worry about.

I have some stuff to send home in the near future and I will send it to myself [?] of Mrs.Smith. You might drop her a line, will you and let her know and if I do send it I will write her also.

Am closing a piece of fabric off a German aeroplane that was brought down in Belgium. Also the two green patches that I have worn ever since I've been in France. I tore them off so as to put good ones on when I go to England.

We leave here a week from today according to the latest rumours. Will be on the way home on the Atlantic the 15th of May. All well as for as it goes if it only true.

I may register this letter so it will be sure to get there.

My pal, JR Smith & I are planning to go to Ireland when we get the Blighty we are going to Killarney

However if we find 8 days is too short for that we will go to Scotland instead

I walked to Genval, one of the prettiest little villiages around here, today. In face it is a Brussels summer resort. I took some photos there.

We has a simply sweltering day today, If I get back by the middle of May I could take the Provincial exams if I can find all my old book. I think I could almost talk back to the French teacher, though, well I'll have to close now

Lovingly Ludlow

P.S The hole in the aeroplane fabric supposed to be a bullet hole. I think it is one. Lw.

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