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Date: November 17th 1918

Nov 17th /18

My Own Dear Mother,

I have just gotten your letter of Sept 15th which of course has been chasing me about in France & Eng ever since. How lovely it could have been if you had been here with me while I was in Hospital and since for we could have had a whale of a time together in London and up here in Matlock where the scenery is never the same two days in succession. Some new charm, some new view is always breaking in upon one and the many twists in the river and the road which follows it disclose some of the most wonderful scenes. Here a wee cottage set in an open field or almost toppling into the road from some small cliff. There a lovely castle or country house to spring into view through an opening in the hills the park surrounding it sweeping down in loveliest green, dotted with hedges, rock fences, green with moss or lichen, to a brawling brook or a quiet stretch of some small river and occupying the whole of some dale or crevice between the hills. How I should love to bring you here to enjoy this wonderful place.

I have had some wonderful letters from so many of these people at home. They warmed my appreciation of people in general. Also one from Wesley St was written about a month since. His girl is rather nice looking and would be very much so if she had any chin. After all he has been very lucky in this war and if it has given him any more back bone it will have done him a lot of good. During the whole time I have been away I have only had one letter from Wilf but his sister tells me she is almost as badly neglected especially during the past year. I am very glad to hear that Humphrey is so much better and hope he has enough sense to keep up his treatments until he is entirely cured.

Ethel's letters of Sept 13 15 & 18 & Oct 16th have all arrived this week. Tell her I shall write her if I am still here tomorrow. I also have one from Dad of Sept 15th and one from Stell. If they keep me here much longer I shall be getting no more letters for you surely wont write after my cable of two weeks ago.

Here is all that is left of a ration book I had when I went to London for two days.

My lung still seems to be rather flat and does not resume work very fast. When it does if it attains the same size of the left one I shall require a new suit of clothes. Its coming along slowly of course & I take walks every day to encourage it. The doctors all say that smoking wont hurt it - so I havenot given up the weed yet.

Perhaps I may be with you as soon as this - I am hoping to get away very soon now but will probably spend a few weeks in Lindsay. Please send my skates there in care of Mr. Malchett. I had a love letter from Steve a few days ago & a ring (Agnes) by the same mail.

Love to all

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