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Date: March 10th 1918
Dad & Mother

Mar 10/18

Dear Dad & Mother

Here's another week gone and practically nothing accomplished. No letters from home & none from Steve. So you'll know I am a pretty lonesome garcon. There are a lot of people about here but you all know how slowly I make friends and so realize how uncomfortable I feel about here.

Another thing which troubles me is the feeling of being misplaced. Ever since my crown went into the paper basket I have felt like a fish out of water. And the worst of it is that there appears to be no prospect of its being soon again within reach.

There has been absolutely nothing to write about except that my cap blew into the small river here & was fished out by a hun prisoner as it went sailing merrily away. The country here is most beautiful and the weather is most wonderful so that as a scene of absolutely peaceful country of the most ideal kind for farming one could not find a better. The roads are beautifully hard & well kept so that it is a great pleasure to go for long walks up to the hills around. Daily after the classes are over I slip away off by myself and think of that wonderful psalm set to such beautiful music in the Presbyterian Hymn Book. Then my thoughts turn to my loved ones from home and I try to send my thoughts to you to comfort you.

So off to bed to dream as I have never dreamed before. Probably I am not getting enough physical or brain exercise.

But Cheerio. We'll soon be together again.

Your affectionate son


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Original Scans