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Date: June 12th 1918
Mother & Dad

June 12th/18

Dearest Mother & Dad

Just a line this time to make up for my miss of Sunday. We were on the move from 6 AM until 7.30 AM Monday by Motor Lorry and while I got about six winks during that time I have not been able to make it up since and I am awfully sleepy - so much so that I have almost contracted the habit of sleeping about twelve hours out of twenty-four and now a break from my regular habits is almost disastrous. Never the less I am feeling wonderfully well and full of pep & buck. I got Mothers letter of April 28th just on the 10th and thought it one of the most interesting I have had from you dear Mother.

I shall try to write you all again very soon and will describe my latest adventures so as to inform you fully of my movements. But as my only idea just now is sleep sleep sleep. So I shall just fall into bed and pound my ear until five AM tomorrow. Seven hours straight look terribly good to me.

Lovingly Yours

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Original Scans