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Date: June 8th 1916

Gradeloupe Barrack
Borden Camp
Hants Eng
June 8/16

Dearest People

I think I wrote you before since getting here and have only received Ethels letter today. We had a most lovely trip across in company with two other transports and a cruiser and were escorted in for several hundred miles by torpedo boat destroyers [?] the North of Ireland seeing Scot in the distance Wales to the South Isle of Man quite close and landed at Liverpool. We [?] the next morning and came straight here. Where we have finest quarters outside Aldershot. Not even a meal missed or a days sickness. Court just came in and talked for a few minutes. He's the only person here I feel free to talk to and its rather lonesome. We have been inspected by the G.O.C. and complimented highly. In fact we have been put into the 4th Can Division, 12th Brigade and expect to move to Longmore Camp on Sundsey for a week for musketry. Where we will be after that is a question.

We yesterday heard of the drowning of Kof K and his staff. It made everyone feel very blue for a while and we all have to wear crepe for a week. We have also heard of the fight the 3rd Division had and hear that large reinforcements have been sent across. Max Demistoun looses his regiment again among other battalions being sent. We seem to be destined to get there as a unit yet.

By the way. We left the Agri. Coll in good shape. No Broken windows or globes. So please tell that to all our friends.

England certainly is a beautiful country. I would like nothing better than to take you all motoring around thru the country lanes (called roads) running everyway and walled in by earth walls with hedges and big trees on top covering over the whole road. Holman Scott & I went to Frensham Pond Tuesday evening by motor (6 miles) (cost 16 cents a mile each way) & let the car go back & to phone for it when we wanted but the bully phone was on the blink & we had to walk back at 11 pm. We refilled the kitchen when we got here we were so hungry.

I am getting a new low collar uniform costing about half what one did in Can.

We are told that the Barracks we have were occupied by the 7th Royal Inniskillen Fusiliers when war broke out and can quite believe it. The barraks are fitted up very nicely and our mess buildings are very well furnished etc. Each room has two or more fireplaces and each sleeping room has an open face stove. Coal is issued to us and a fire is very welcome in the morning and evenings on account of the damp.

Poor old "A" company was sent to Bramshot on Divisional duties but comes back on Sunday. We all were ready to go to the station & going on leave but it was cancelled at the last minute. Well there is not much more to say except that I miss you all dreadfully. Please write often and tell everybody else to write in care of the Army P.O. London.

With much love

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