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Date: July 16th 1916
Mother & Dad

July 16/16

Dearest Mother and Dad.

Both your letters came during this week. I was awfully glad to get them. But I cannot understand why you do not write more often. Perhaps you do not think I will write enough to you but I have written you half of all the letters I wrote since getting here. In fact more than half. Of course I receive your letters OK but they only take about 15 days and from yours and Ethels letters I believe mine take about 20-22.

There is nothing to tell you about. No one here I know although I have three invitations for week ends which I mean to take if I can get away. One is from Humphrey's Aunt, and another from his friend near here.
Another from a very pretty little girl who came here today with Thornhill's sister and was most pressing in her invitations. She lives in Hendon close to London where I am going on Saturday.

Last week Major Rimmell went to Aldershott for a course and left me with almost no officers and all sorts of work on hand including a clothing board which sat for two days. One inspection by the Aldershott command G.O.C. and field maneuvers was thru on all day route march. Then he returned on Saturday morning in time to go to London his home on weekend leave. I was riding his horse and one morning had to fight for half an hour to get it to leave the parade ground. Last night Scottie and I went out riding. On the way out the horse went wild with flies and ran away with me under some low branches. I bent forward to miss them and tried to pull her down to a walk and unexpectedly succeeded. So I went out over her neck and hit on my back. Broke my wrist watch and bruised myself but succeeded in going ahead. Awfully sore this morning but no harm done. We hope to get leave shortly but do not know where and will probably be over in France within a month. We expect to go to Portsmouth on a 50 mile two day Route March shortly but if it comes this week I am not going to walk.

I'll write again soon

With best love

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