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Date: February 17th 1917
Mother & Dad


Dearest Mother & Dad.

How I do long sometimes to be with you. At times it just grips me to know that I cant go home to lunch - and how much I missed when I had a chance to go and did not. Believe me - you would never see my heels for dust if I could go now. Id burn the boots off my feet and polish the nails in the sidewalks with the socks I wear.

Somehow one never misses the water till the well runs dry - one never misses love until its evidence is far away, either in the past or in the world. And I have been so accustomed to having love poured out for me like water that I never really knew what it was until now. But praise God that is not too late and I'll come back soon to make it all up to you.

I wrote to Ethel & Stell jointly tonight. Just a short not you know but its really all I have time for. Out of a month I possibly have twelve days along way apart in which I can write letters. Only twice a month or more. I have hoped to get a rest in the Old Country but all leave was cut off about 10 days ago so there is no chance for some time. But at the same time I am fat & healthy so there should be no worry over that. I seem to work hard, have little or no sleep while in the line and yet I get fatter every day.

Last October when I took over A Company the O.C. recommended both Hooper & me for our Majorities. On account of a mix up in the Seniority lists it was held up until just a few weeks ago. I was up in the front line at the time the authority came thru and Mjr Haron who was in Command of the Battalion came up to tell me of it. Quite different to what one might expect from the O.C. Of course Hooper & I both got up the Crowns thru rows of Braid & piping and when the O.C. came back from his leave he ordered us to dinner with him. He was awfully "nice" from him & the next day straffed h-l out of us. We went back into the line, Mike Mitchell getting away on his leave and leaving me with only two other officers. When I go in next I go with only two officers again and for a beastly hard trip. The weather has been very cold for over here but lovely for us until yesterday when it changed and now its wet & muddy. However we have rubber hip boots which will help a lot.

After a few days I'll write you again and tell you a whole lot of news.

Yours with Love

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Original Scans