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Date: December 29th 1916


Dear Muzzer

Just to think of it. Fancy how glad I was to get your letter on Christmas day and all sorts of parcels & letters. I have answered some few already but still have sixteen letters to write. They will mostly be notes of thanks only though so that I shall not loose much time on them.

We are moving into the line tomorrow and while it is some better than the last time we were in it still leaves much to be desired. At one time it had the reputations of being a quiet line but the Canadians have made itso interesting for Fritz that he has had to bring in some more artillery.

I hope that you got my cable gram and understood it alright. You see we had just finished an arduous tour and were going back for a rest. And for some three weeks I had not been able to write you at all. I calculated that my cable would reach you about the time my next letter should have reached you if I had been able to write and so wanted to anticipate your waiting for a letter for three weeks not knowing why.
Just why Dr Simpson should lecture on the Somme is a puzzle to me as he never was there. Of course the trenches are bad but not so bad as I have seen them & lived in them too.

I think I must have had thirty parcels this month. Every person I have known intimately and some strangers and ladies Aid or Masons.

No I do not think that Stell has sent me socks. At least as far as I remember. I got a box of apples from her about a month ago but that is all.

I am awfully glad that Dear Old Dad is better again. Please tell him that the next time he falls in the bathroom or down stairs will probably do him no good.

Well Cheers Old Dear

Yours lovingly

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