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Date: June 18th 1915

June 18th 1915

My Dearest Jack

I am still watching for the postman every day expecting the letter from you that never comes. Perhaps he'll be kinds enough to bring me one to-morrow though as I believe there is another English mail in. I had a nice letter to-day from your sister - in - law in Alberta, I wrote & told them where you were as soon as I knew, & they are very glad to know you are safe. She says they have been awfully worried about you so it was a great relief to them to get my letter! You will be pleased to hear that they are all well, tho the mosquitoes seem to be teasing them quite a bit. (I'm having my usual share of bites too!) I hope your knee is quite better now dear & that you are able to use it properly again. Things are a little bit exciting around here just now, as there is supposed to be a panther lurking about the Uplands somewhere. I shan't be sorry when they've caught it as I am a wee bit scared of meeting it at night. I went to a picture show with Lena, last night & to one on Wed night with Alice & I ran nearly all the way from the car coming back. I quite expected Mr. Panther springing out at me from the bush. Connie says she hears it howling when she's in bed & I thought I heard it last night. We are going out to Foul Bay beach next Sunday - our first picnic, so I hope it will be a nice day I guess the Skeltons will be coming too! The weather is very funny for the time of the year, we have such cold winds & it rains quite a bit, which is a good thing for the gardens but otherwise for picnics. You will perhaps be surprised to hear that Necia & Jim have got a house at the barracks, it is the one Miss Turner had (I think you'll remember it) so you see Necia is recognized "on the strength" which I think is a good thing for them. Now dearie I must close so good night & God bless you. Kindest regards from all friends. Fondest love & tons of kisses from Your Loving XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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