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Date: June 11th 1915

June 11th 1915

My Dearest Jack

A few more lines to let you see I am still thinking about you. How is the poor knee getting along? I sincerely hope it is better & that you are able to get about again by now. I do wish you were here so that I could nurse you, but never mind I'll nurse you when you comeback, wont that be nice, eh? How I wish you were with my just now, I'm sitting on the rocks to write this (so please excuse the pencil) & everywhere looks beautiful, the tide is high so I couldn't get on to our Island. I went over yesterday for a quiet half hour & was terribly disappointed to find that someone had taken our seat away. I can't think why they did it, as it was almost a fixture you may guess I hunted all over the beach for it, but could find no signs of it. We can easily put another one there but it wont be quite the same will it? It's a blessing the Island isn't moveable isn't it? They can't take that away from us anyway! Fancy it is nine months since you went away! It feels like so many years to me, I wonder how many more it will be before you come back. I wish we could send you some books or papers, it must be pretty monotonous with nothing English to read. Let me know if we can send you anything.

I see the Ivy Leafers are having their picnic at Cadboro Bay next Sunday, & last Sunday they went to Cordova Bay. I wonder if they had the "Tally Ho's" this time? (Shout again Jack!) I couldn't help but think of our little experience, when I knew they were going. I hope they all arrived home a little earlier that we did last year (must be two years ago tho) Walter is coming up to-night so guess we'll be playing cards, I beat Will at "Rum" last night. Do you ever get a game now? I wish you could join us to-night, but its no use wishing for impossibilities! We had quite a thunderstorm last night - unusual weather for Victoria. Now dearie I must close with fondest love & hoping to get a letter from you soon with full particulars about writing to you etc. I remain XXXXXXX

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