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Date: July 31st 1915

July 31st 1915

My Darling Jack

I am all alone to-night so thought I would just write a line or two to you. Bee & Will have gone to town & I've been up to the cemetery but arrived back again just after eight. Somehow I always feel so lonely & blue after going up there, but I suppose its because you always used to accompany me. It is Saturday night too! & I always seem to miss you more on Sat's & Sundays than at any other time. I shouldn't feel quite so bad if I could hear from you a little oftener, but I have not even had a postcard, since your letter of May 24th. I'm afraid you are in the same boat too, as I have been sending my letter to a Jack Davey in Connaught Hosp Adlershot. I am so sorry dearie as I know you have nothing to look for but letters, & I wish now I had written to both places but you will forgive me I know. I was awfully disappointed when I found out my mistake. I pictured you lying patiently waiting for the mail to come & I can imagine how disappointed you'd be every day. Nevermind dearie! Its just our luck!

Life seems full of tangles for us just now, but we'll pull through them somehow, maybe we shall appreciate the brighter days more when they do come. I felt sure the postman had a letter for me from you on Thurs, but no! It was only one of my own back again. Oh Jack: I can't tell you how I feel when I get those letter back! I know you can't have been getting them for months. I wrote this one on MAy 21st & I seem to have written dozens since then. We are waiting to know if we can send you tobacco or food so I hope there will be a letter from you soon. Bee Will & I are going to Skeltons for the day to-morrow. Last Sunday we were at Gages' & we walked home at night, you were with us the last time we went, about a year ago, do you remember how sulky you were all the way home & I kept thinking about it all the time (It was you not me that was sulking wasn't it?) The Gage's were very anxious about you & wished to be remembered to you. We all hope your poor knee is getting well quickly. Best wishes from everybody, tons of love & kisses from me
XXXXXX Your Loving Kate XXXXXX

Good night and God bless you dear!

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