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Date: July 18th 1915

July 18th 1915

My Dearest Jack

Just a line to let you know that I am still thinking about you, though if you are still in Germany I'm afraid you'll be thinking I've forsaken you altogether. I have not sent any letters to Germany for over three weeks as we rec'd a cablegram on June 25th stating that you were in Connaught Hospital Aldershot & so I've sent all my letter there. I was a little doubtful at first as I didn't know how you could have got to England, but when I got your letter of May 24th & knew that you were likely to be laid up for a long time I thought you must have been among the exchanged prisoners. I quite expected a letter from you from England this wkend but none came so I'm beginning to think that you are still in Germany. I'm so sorry dear to have kept you waiting so long but I have been very uncertain what to do for the best. Bee had two letters returned to her the other day she wrote them to you in May. I have had a few back too & it is so very disappointing to think you are not getting them. I have written regularly once or twice a week but the last ones have gone to England of course. I hope your knee is improving dear & not so painful as it was. I'm sorry you have to stay in bed so long, but perhaps by the time you get this you'll be about again. We are having the usual nice weather here, the Ivy-Leafers have gone to Prospect Lake to-day. I am going to work at two oclock until seven this evening. No more now dear, hope to get a letter soon. Fondest love & kisses from Your Loving Kate XXXXXXXX

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