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Date: July 14th 1915

July 14th 15

My Dearest Jack

Once again I am writing to you, but I don't know where to address it to, so I'm just going to keep it back until I do hear from you. IT is so disappointing to have ones letters returned, &I've had quite a few. Bee got two back yesterday that she wrote to you in May. I have only had one letter & two postcards from you, since I heard you were missing & those of course came from Germany. The man Will wrote to concerning you sent us a cablegram nearly three weeks ago stating that you were in Hospital in Aldershot. I thought at first you had sent it but I know now that you didn't. I hope you are in England but it sounds too good to be true! I have sent all my letters to Aldershot since receiving the cable, so I pity you is you are still in Germany waiting for letters. One of the postcards you sent to your mother (dated May 14th) was reprinted in this morning's "Colonist," it stated that it had been copied from an English paper, but it puzzles me how the "Colonist" got hold of it. Miss Newton rang me up to tell me about it, she thought I'd put it in, but I should never have seen it if she hadn't have told me about it. There was a little bit in to nights "Times" too, which I will enclose. Well dearie how is your leg getting on? I hope it is not very painful. I'm sure you will be tired of lying in bed so long but it is better than being in the trenches isn't it? I hope you are comfortable in hospital dear, but if you are in good old England I'm sure you will be. I wish I could just look in & see you. Walter is up here to-night he & Will are playing cards, guess you'll wonder why I'm not, but I don't feel like it to-night as I had a glorious bilious attack all last night & consequently am feeling rather tired. Sid, Mundy & Mr. Crow (waffles) left for England last week. Billy has been up to-night but didn't stay long, things are practically at a standstill at the store. Now dearie good-night & God bless you. Lots of love & kisses from Your Loving Kate XXXX

P.S. There was a small English mail in yesterday afternoon, left England June 28th so there may be a letter for me to-morrow. I hope so!

Sat July 24th No letter or card yet, so thought I would send this!

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