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Date: January 28th 1915

C/O Mrs. Chadwick
The Uplands
Victoria B.C.

January 28th. 15

My Dearest Jack

Thank you very much indeed for the photo, candy, letter & papers which I received O.K. this week the letter & papers arrived Tuesday, the photo Wed & the candy was waiting for me at the store yesterday when I called in, so you see I've been getting something from you almost every day this week. The candy is just delicious everybody votes it A.I. didn't you want just a taste of it for yourself? It was awfully good of you to send it to me dear. The photo too is very nice but not so good as the original one though, it is a trifle larger too but still its very good for a copy. I think I'm going to be greedy & keep the both of them for myself (It's that Devonshire talk Jack?). We found the papers very interesting, those certainly were some floods I hope they have gone down by now. I think Kitchener was very mean in his speech to the Canadians, I don't wonder at the men grumbling, they must all be impatient to get away from that awful mud, but maybe they would find themselves in a worse place than that if they were moved, I think I can understand a little how they felt though when they read that speech & had to listen to a sermon like that too, still sd you say they have to put up with that kind of thing in the Army. No: dear I certainly would not like to hear of you applying for an honourable discharge, it would look as though you had 'cold feet,' & I want to feel proud of you when you come back, for you are coming back, I know it: I was sorry to hear of your long tramp back to camp after your illness, but I do hope you are perfectly better by this & free from that wretched neuralgia. The dentist was too busy to attend to me the other day, so I have to go to him next week in the evenings, it will be my early week & its quite light at five oclock now, my holidays are over tomorrow (worse luck) but I've had ideal weather all through. Now dearie about the birthday present, it is very good of you to think of buying me something, but I quite thought

(letter ends here, missing rest)

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Original Scans