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Date: November 4th 1914

Nov. 4th 1914

Please excuse scribble am sitting up in bed writing this on my knees

My Darling Kate

I am writing you a few lines again after my week end trip home which I enjoyed very much. Everybody was pleased to see me & told me I was looking much better than when I left home & that I had grown taller. I wish I could have got away a day earlier so as to be home for the fair. There wasn't many of my old school chums there as they have either joined the Terriers or Kitcheners Army. One boy I know was in Antwerp & another was wounded at Mons, they have both been home & gone again. Harry is expecting papers to go any day now on the National Reserve but they are for Home Defence only. Seven of them left home on Monday morning. The folks at home are looking up quite as well as I expected them to, but Father has altered quite a lot since I left home but he keeps up his spirits good which I think helps him quite a lot. Kitty has grown quite a lot Harry & Edie are looking up well & wish to be remembered to you. I received your picture alright Thanks very much Dear for it I fail to see where the dying duck look comes in though. I showed it to the folks at home Harry & Edie both say you are looking fatter than you used to. I think I have received all the arrears in letters now Dear & I hope you have got all mine by now. I guess Victoria is still quite a military town with the Home Guard training as well as the militia. I though Leo couldn't keep out of it when they formed the Home Guard I guess he did feel tired after the Sham fight all around Cadbora Bay, but we get that every day here. The night I went home I had done a fifteen mile march in the afternoon came back & dressed for going home them walked 7 miles to the station. Coming back last night I had to walk from [?] as I couldn't get a train to Lavington at night I got in Dwizes at eleven pm arrived in camp about 3 this morning & it rained in torrents all the way. Another fellow & I tried to get a conveyance to drive us back but couldn't get one so we had to hike it. The camp was flooded out when I got here one marquee was blown doe on Sat & they had to dig a deep trench down through the lines by the sides of the tents & the water was rushing down there like a millstream. We haven't had any parades today on account of the ground being so mushy & wet. When we go out of our tent we sink down to the tops of our boots almost. They say the King is going to inspect us tomorrow, if that is so there will be some pretty muddy boots as its impossible to dry them mine are just like a wet rag & my socks I can wring them out they are so wet but I guess we have to put up with it. I saw a hospital train a Trowbridge last night full of wounded & sick soldiers most of them were wounded in the arms some of them were looking pretty tough but they were all in good spirits. They were on their way to Cardiff. They say our fellows are being looked after well at the front & the grub is good & plenty of it in the trenches but they dont have time to eat it at times. Walter must be having a good time in Victoria being stationed there all this time. So glad to hear you enjoyed yourself on Thanksgiving Day. Shall be delighted to wear the mits when they are done they will come in fine & handy when I am doing guard on cold nights. Did you go to that dance you mentioned in your letter. I hope if you did that you enjoyed it I know how you used to look forward to a dance. I was surprised to hear that Daisy Stafford was married. I should say she is crazy if she is married to Fred Chapman. Glad to hear [?] has got a comfortable place. you didn't say anything about Jim I don't suppose he has been called up yet. Well Darling I think this is about all I have to say now Please remember me to all friends. I hope this will find you all quite well Heaps of love & tons of kissesXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
XXXXX From Your Loving XXXXXX

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