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Date: 1915

L Ward
3rd London Gen Hospital
London S.W

My dearest Kate

A few more lines to let you know that I am getting on fine. I have not had the operation yet I guess that will pull one back a little but I dont mind that as I know everything that can be done will be done for me & that a good job will be made of my stump but if I was undergoing the operation in Germany I should have my doubts about that. The doctor told the nurses to stop the [?] this morning & that I could get out in a wheeled chair. He had a look at my led to see if it was strong enough for me to get out on crutches but it is still like a drumstick so he said I was to have a chair. Harry & Edie are coming up on Sunday Mother is coming the first week in October. I get lots of visitors in to see me. Yesterday one of our officers (Capt Warden) came in. He is going back to Canada to come over with a new draft. A Lady from Toronto came in the other day she is working in connection with an officers convalescent home at Dieppe & was in London on business so came in to see the Canadian boys. Capt Harvey's two sisters were in to see me the other day. He was a master at the university in Victoria & was Chief Scout of the Boy Scouts. They said they were going to Victoria some day to see the University. Another lady in connection with the Red Cross Society who used to live in Canada came in & gave me a couple of "Colonists" to read I saw the account of the Matinee held at Mrs Pembertons & a couple of days after I had a 4/. P.O from the Canadian Red Cross Society bring my share of the proceeds of a matinee held in Victoria. I dont know if that was the same one or not but they must have taken quite a bit of money to be able to send that amount to all the wounded B.C. men. I also get visitors on regular visiting days Wed & Sunday Aunt Mag & Uncle Harry have been up three Sunday's & brought Kitty with them & two lady friends of theirs come on Wednesday's as they live quite close to the hospital. Last Wed I was quite surprised to see a man from home walking down the ward. He was in London & thought he would come in to see me. Another fellow from home now in the Metropolitan Police write & told me he was coming on the same day & today had a letter from another Policeman who used to be at Bampton he wants to know when he can come to see me so I am pretty well off as regards visitors but there is one I should like to see coming in the ward can you guess who it is. I wonder if the CPR would give you a free pass from Victoria the same as the Govt are doing in England (I don't think). Never mind dear it wont be long now before I shall be crossing the pond again. Anyhow it wont seem so long waiting here as it did in Germany I can hardly believe I have been here three weeks already. I dont suppose I shall be let out of hospital or convalescent home before Xmas as it will take some time for my stump to heal up enough to have an artificial leg fitted with a leg on perhaps have to wait for a vacancy there but its worth something to be in England again I pity those poor fellows in Germany who were captured a year ago & will have to stay there until the end of the war on account of their wounds being healed up. We were told we were lucky when we were being sent home. I suppose we were in a way but it was a pitiful sight to see so many men disabled for the rest of their lives so there wasn't so much luck after all. I hope to get fixed up alright so as to be able to do some kind of work when I get back to Victoria. Well dearest I guess this is all I have to say for he present will have a lot to tell you when I do see you. Will close now with heaps of love & thousands of kisses XXXXXX
XXXXXXXX Your Ever Loving XXX

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