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Date: March 5th 1916

Kind regards from Jim & Mollie

March 5th 1916

My Dearest Kate

Just a line to let you know that I arrived here yesterday at noon. The train was over nine hours late getting to Calgary or I should have got gown here on Friday. Jim was at Calgary to meet me. We had to stay there a night as there is only one train a day here from Calgary. I have to report in Victoria [?] Sunday a week from today. Jim & Mollie want me to get a medical certificate from the doctor here to extend my leave. I told them if I did that there would be something doing in Victoria when I got there. I suppose the other boy's that came over with me have arrived there by now. I shall be leaving Calgary some time Friday night arricing in Vancouver some time Sat night. I think that midnight boat from Vancouver makes the triangular trip on Sat night. If so I wont sail on that one but on the one that arrives in Vic at 2.30. I hope spend the afternoon [at least] with you [?] Sunday & if that other boat sails direct to Vic that will give me the whole day with you before handing in my [furlough?]. I will try & find out about the train & boat tomorrow & let you know what time to expect me in Victoria. If I do get there in the morning you needn't bother about meeting me at the wharf but I will get my breakfast in town & then get the car for the uplands. Don't let any outsiders know when I arrive or perhaps there will be a crowd there to pack me right off to the hospital & spoil the chance of spending any time with you for that day. There was a big reception for the boy's at Calgary. Three brass bands & auto's wailing for them. When I got down here the whole town were out & a big car all decorated with flags & [?]. Last night there was a farewell supper & dance given in honour of some of the boy's just recruited & of course I had to be there. They had me down on the toast list but I got that cancelled. Imagine me giving a speech especially amongst a bunch of strangers I had an auto to take me to the supper & fetch me back. It was a good turn out for a place of this size & I enjoyed myself fine. No intoxicating liquors there so the toasts were pretty dry but it went off alright. This is only a small place but every one seems to be doing alright. [?] has good prospects for this year where the spring opens up. He has several months work on order now & if the crop this year is good it will mean a lot of work for him in the fall. He has just a two roomed cottage at present but is going to put on another two rooms this summer. The two boy's are lively youngsters & pretty kids too. Well dear I think this is about all the news for this time so will close now. Wishing you many Happy returns of your birthday (Haven't forgotten the date this time) Hoping it will be a fine day [?] Sunday & that it will be warm enough to sit on the beach. Now darling I must close with heaps of love & tons of kisses, will write again in a couple of days. XXXXX

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