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Date: February 16th 1915

The Uplands



Feb 16th (pancake day)

My Dearest Jack

I was rather expecting a letter from you to-day as there was a mail in on Sun, which left Eng on January 30th. but I guess I shall get one to-morrow or Thurs, I shall have to quit looking for one every mail now, as we had an official announcement to-day that the whole of the Can. Contingent were at the front in France. I hope dearie that you are well & feeling fit for the hardships you will have to endure in the trenches. I guess it is more horrible than you have ever imagined, my brother says it is terrible at the Base, so it must be worse in the trenches. I keep wondering if you have really done any firing yet. How I wish I could be there with you to help! (but maybe I'd hinder) We gave the 2nd Contingent a great send off on Sunday, there were about eleven hundred of them, the "Princess Adelaide" & "Princess Mary" were packed, & needless to say the streets were crowded with friends and relations to see them off. I knew so many of them too, with seeing them in the tea-room so often. I felt quite blue when the boats moved out but not so blue as when your boat set off. I suppose it was the remembrance that made me feel so sad. I have some papers for you when I know where to send them to, guess you'll know quite a lot of them men that went, though I think most of them were from Revelstoke & the interior districts. Necia & Jim are here to-night, they send best wishes to you & Jim says he will write you to-morrow. We all went to a party at Cloverdale Hall last Tues, given by Mr & Mrs Martin, we had a great time, there were about forty five or fifty of us altogether & quite a few of the soldiers from the Willows were there, Sam Henson, George Bally & a fellow named Armstrong besides others that I think you might know, (all went away on Sunday) Mr & Mrs Kelly were there, Mrs Ripp[?] Dolly Martin, & hosts of others, S.Henson was inclined to stick around Necia & I most of the time, but he was very nice, & I think its his way with all girls, he seems to like their company, but I wish you could have seen Jims face a time or two, you would have laughed. If he saw Henson anywhere near us, he kept away & sat all by himself at another end of the Hall, he is foolish to allow himself to feel so jealous, because it must make him feel very miserable. It isn't as if Necia flirted at all, he'd have something to be miserable about if she did. I'm afraid I flirted a tiny little bit just to see the funny look come into his face. He quite things he should have a tag on me too because you're away. He seemed quite surprised at me for going to the 5th Reg't Ball with Miss N & her brother, but I knew you wouldn't mind as long as I had a good time. Archie Blackmore wished to be remembered to you, also Mrs Kelly & the Martins, they all wanted to know how you were getting on. Our singing class has had to be abandoned as it got down to three pupils. I have not yet finished your socks dear, but will try to send them soon. Guess you'll need more in the trenches. Now dearie its near bed time so I must close hoping you have got rid of the neuralgia by this & wishing you the best of good luck from all friends, with heaps of love & kisses

P.S. Kind regards to Mr Hibberd. Good night & God bless you dear. K& W

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