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Date: February 12th 1916





Feb'y 12th

My Dearest Jack

A line to let you know that I'm still alive, but still a prisoner in the house. The snow is going away now but very slowly, the streets are in a very bad condition. I have not ventured down town yet, I tried to get up to Marshalls on Thurs: but it was no use, the water was ankle deep under the snow. Will & three more men dug a passage round by Turners & Pattersons right up to the car on Thurs, so he & I set off to go to Necias at night. Well, the track was fine until we got past Turners, & then the water was rushing down like a river, but I waded through it, because I wanted to get down town with my watch & I had a few other things to post, & besides I thought if Will could do it, I could. However when we'd got over the worst part I head a shout from behind & there was Jim splashing through the snow towards us. IT seems he & Necia had gone down the bottom part of Landsdowne Rd while we were going round by Turners & of course he had to turn around & dash after us to catch us. I was rather relieved to see him as I must confess I had got "cold feet," of course that ended my trip to town & I've never attempted it since. I guess Necia & Jim had a job to get home again. It took them from 4 oclock till nearly 6.30 to get up here from Head St. Mrs Cusswell has phoned me to start there to-morrow (Sunday) but I've got a wretched cold so I hardly know what to do. Bee & Will have had it & its my turn now, have been in bed most of the day, so hope the worst will be over by to-morrow. I have been half asleep & half awake all afternoon & have been dreaming? about you, & thinking how nice it will be when you are back, I thought of all the old happy days on our Island we had together, with no one to worry us. I don't think we really appreciated them then did we? Bee & I managed to get down on the beach a bit yesterday & I made us a nice new seat. (I think I told you somebody ran off with the other, its my opinion somebody not very far away chopped it up for firewood) Never mind, there are lots more if this one goes! I slipped on the rocks & made a lump on my face while I was carrying the log, but I managed to fix it alright. It is now quite ready for your approval. I sent Kitty a paper with your "experiences" in, yesterday, am saving yours until you come back. Jim registered the watch for me yesterday, so I hope it gets to England in good time.

Bee got a letter from Frank to-day telling us his mother was dead. Poor Frank! he seems full of trouble, everybody seems to be getting a share of it these days, I hope you will be able to do without the other operation dear, how does your leg feel - have you any pain with it now? It was nice for you to meet that fellow from Victoria, was it one of the Atwell's? As one of them went over with the 5th G.G.A. I wonder if you have got your holiday over & what you are doing now. A fortnight's leave would soon go, it wasn't very long was it? Now dearie I must close with fondest love & kisses from

Many thanks for the Valentine Day kisses, they arrived in good time, as it isn't until Monday. This will probably leave Victoria on Monday, so it must be my Valentine to you.

Lots of love & kisses, K.

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