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Date: February 11th 1915



The Uplands

Victoria B.C.

My dearest Jack

Many thanks for your letter of the 19th Jan'y received to-day & one of the 24th received yesterday, it was funny I got the one written on the 24th first wasn't it? I thought it was strange that you didn't mention getting any of my letters & couldn't quite make it out, but of course when I got the other letter this morning I understood. Necia got your letter of the 24th to-day, what a long time it took their Xmas card to reach you, also my letter of the 26th Dec. Well dear I am glad you had the other troublesome tooth out & hope you will feel better for it. I called n the dentist one evening last week but he was not in, so I didn't bother to call again, I shall still have the pleasure (?) my next early week, don't you envy me? Did the neuralgia powder do any good? I couldn't help but laugh afterwards to think I had only sent you one little teething powder, but it was all I had left & I thought it might relieve the pain a little. Guess you laughed when you saw it didn't you now? It seems funny that you mentioned the two-bits I won off of you at the whist drive in Necia's letter to-day & I mentioned it in my last letter to you. Glad you find the pocket book handy, I thought you would like the photo of us on the rocks, I like it too, & it certainly does look as if we are watching for you coming back, as you bet I will do, if I know when you are coming, my other photo's will be ready to-morrow & I will send you one when I get a reliable address to send to. I'm glad you're people think I look a nice girl, but you should have told them that the photo was nothing to go by, besides it flatters me! I'm still looking for those pictures of the flood you promised me. I didn't see the man who was enquiring after you that time, so can't tell you whether he limped or not, & Miss Severs is away at present so I can't ask her. I'm sorry they are working you so hard dear, but glad the weather is better, it will make things a little brighter for you. I believe the boys billeted at Devizes are having a great time, or were. I suppose that you are in France by this, as Mrs Col Currie & Mrs Capt Clarke received telegrams last Tuesday to say you were on your way, I hope the weather & conditions are more favourable therefor you, than Salisbury plain [?] you must be tired of all that rain & mud. I'm glad you happened to be lucky [?] the tools on the trench-digging business, you must have been dead tired to be able to fall asleep in such a place, I only hope you didn't feel any after effects from the dampness. Thank you so much for thinking about the brooche for me dear, I shall be delighted to have it, I like anything like that. I hope you got the 48 hours leave before you left England, your people would be pleased to have you I'm sure. Sorry you were feeling homesick the last time you wrote, but hope you have got over it now. I sometimes feel that way but I can't call it home sickness, I have another name for it, last Sat. I had a slight attack of it, & Miss Newton was feeling a little that way too so we both got into one of the street autos & went out to Oak Bay & back & enjoyed it fine, the autos or Jitneys run to all parts of the town now & only 5 cent fares, the same as the B.C. Electric. I wish they came out here, but they only run as far as the Willows this way on, they do a fine trade with the soldiers. I also got weighed on Sat. - only 136 lbs. but I had my big coat on too. Necia Jim & myself went to Cloverdale Hall on Tues night to a party given by Mrs Martin, but I must tell you all about it next time I write as its bed-time now. Everybody sends kind regards to you. Bee is sorry she hasn't had a chance to write to you again. Now dearie good-bye tons of love & kisses from Your Loving Kate. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Please excuse scribble, but Will is wanting to get to bed. I don't think the soldiers are leaving here on Sat. after all. By-Bye dear. XXXX

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