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Date: February 5th 1915

Feb 5th 1915

C/O Mrs Chadwick


The Uplands

Victoria B.C.

My dearest Jack

Many thanks for your letter of the 14th January rec'd to-day, the British mail was very late this week, but I mustn't grumble after getting so many mails last week & I rater think there will be another one in to-morrow. I'm very sorry dear that you don't get my letters as often as you ought to do. I should feel very miserable if it took yours as long to reach me, the one I got to-day just came in 18 days, that is longer than usual, I think the P.O. authorities might try to let you have them as quickly as possible while you are in England, because you will not be able to get them very often when you get to France. I was very sorry to hear that you were still being plagued with neuralgia but I sincerely hope it has quite gone by now, I wish you had had your teeth fixed long ago & then perhaps all this would have been prevented but I guess it is your nerves really - working after your illness, long before you were fit dear! & then you have been training under such wretched conditions it's a wonder you aren't all dead! I sometimes wish you had joined the Navy instead. The boys at Esquimalt seem to have such a good time & they all look so rosy & well, but never mind dearie, this is all in the game I suppose & in the end I know you'll come out on top, so cheer up & think about the good time we'll have when you come back, Cordova Bay won't be in it! We'll have our own little Island to ourselves & won't have to trouble our heads about anything or anybody (not even a "Tally Ho".) Sorry you are having to work so hard dear, I wish the Dr had ordered you a fortnights rest, & then perhaps you would have been able to have gone home once again before you left England, I wish I was nearer to you & then perhaps I could look after you a bit, I have finished one of your socks but don't know when I'll get the other one done, I shall register them when I send them so you ought to get them alright. I had a very blue letter from my brother last night, he is at the 'base' at Havre, he seemed very depressed & home-sick for his wife & kiddies, he had not been able to get home for Xmas & was very disappointed at missing Mollie at Heymouth, it seems he sent her a wire on Boxing day telling her he was leaving Jersey for Heymouth & asking her to meet him there, as they were sailing for France, & poor Mollie rushed around & got someone to take care of the youngsters, & it took her the biggest part of the day to travel from London down to Heymouth, so you can imagine her disappointment when the boat had been gone just an hour. Of course the fare was quite an item (23/-) but that was nothing if they'd only have been able to see one another, I'm sure they would both be bitterly disappointed. Will says he is orderly Serg't to the reinforcements & they keep sending troops up the line pretty frequently from the "Base", it would be funny if you met him wouldn't it? He says they are under canvas & are ankle deep in mud, consequently he was suffering from a very bad cold, the wretched weather must have a depressing effect on you all, we have had a little rain this week. I wish we could have it all & you could have our lovely sunshine it might make things a little easier for you. Did you get the belt O.K.? Will says there must be a great deal of pilfering going on, as he didn't get any of his Xmas parcels that Mollie sent him & even the registered matter is getting lost. I saw the account of that young Lawrence getting killed in action, it is very sad that so many young men are getting killed; that miserable Kaiser surely has something to answer for! I don't see how the war can possibly last much longer we are gaining ground all the time, but when you B.C. Reg'ts get into the field you'll give them pepper I hope! Gee, but its grand to be a man! I'd be right on the spot if I was one. do you think I'd pass muster if I donned the kilties? or would you rather I joined the 88? Jim has not heard anything yet about going away. I had tea with N & H last night & they went to the whist drive afterwards. Do you remember the bet I had with you at the 'Toy Leaf' one night? well I still have that quarter, so if you ever are hard up let me know, it will go quite a long way in the Old Country. By the way I had another bet on, that same night but I lost (& I really paid up) its rather singular that the person I had that bet with is with the Can. Contingent too but I don't think you know him. I went to the 5th Reg't Ball last week with Miss Newton & her brother & we all had a lovely time, it was the first Regimental affair I had been to, of course I wore my pink dress & felt an awful swell, but I was wishing everybody I danced with was you dear, especially when it came to the home waltz. I was introduced to Detective Carlow & he is getting me an invitation to the Recreation Club dances, so that I shall be able to go with Miss Newton when I feel like it. I am also going to learn skating, two of the girls went to the rink last night & I've promised to go with them next week. I know I'll love it, but I hope it doesn't play me out like the swimming did. I wish you were here to take me dear. Bee & Will wish to be remembered to you, they are just busy laying new lino on the kitchen & bathroom floors. Now dearie I guess this is about all the news this time I hope you will be feeling brighter when you get this & please don't worry about my birthday present, if there is any difficulty about it, I shall know you are thinking about me. Am very pleased to hear about the promotion & hope you get it alright, I feel quite proud of my soldier boy already, I know you must have been a good boy to earn that. Now dearie good night & God bless you. Kindest regards from everybody & tons of love & kisses from Your Loving Kate XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx P.S. I sent some papers off to you yesterday.

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