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Date: April 4th 1915



April 4th

My Dearest Jack

How are you getting along all this time? I came up here yesterday afternoon & thought there would have been a letter from you yesterday morning, as your last was dated Mar 6th. I have not yet heard from you mother but maybe there will be a letter when I get back to Victoria. Bee is going to send your letters on to me. Sorry I didnt get this off by Tuesday's mail, but I was too busy to write, so I sent two Colonist's instead, & this will go out on Fridays mail. I had an invitation to bring you up here with me, these people didn't know you were at the front. I wish you could have come too, we would have had a fine time, it is very quiet here but very nice. There are two youngsters, the eldest a boy of three, almost lives on the front of his daddys bike, they went off early this morning & have not arrived back yet, whenever Norman goes fishing or shooting he takes the youngster along with him. By the way I had two fine trout for my breakfast this morning, they were caught yesterday. I started knitting you another pair of socks to-day. I hope you got the last ones alright. You will be surprised to hear that Bill Stone has joined the colours, I don't know whether he joined the 88th or the kilties, but Necia told me he had to go through some operation before the Dr's would pass him & she saw him on Good Friday in his Uniform & he'd grown a moustache & I believe he looked quite a military man. I had a letter from my brother the other day & he certainly is sick & tired of the trenches, & referred to the war as "devilish work" & "dam biz." I can't help but smile at his expressions, though he must be feeling pretty earnest when he writes them. I hope you are well & safe dearie. I don't think I have any special news for you this time, I thought about our last trip to Goldstream when I passed through yesterday, do you remember the mosquitoes? Now dearie bye-bye for the present. Tons of love & kisses from Your Loving Kate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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