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Date: November 29th 1917

Maresfield Park

Thursday 29/11/17

My dear Gertrude.

Well my "E" exam is all over, but I don't feel much freer. Have not caught up with last weeks notes yet - which I had to let pass. We have no results yet - that is individual ones - they don't publish the marks or the order - except those who fail & those who nearly fail who have all to interview the Colonel. We hear that only 5 out of the 95 in our company have failed - & 34 have over 80% of marks - so we did not do so badly. But what is far more concerning us is that we don't go on leave to-morrow as we should - but instead of having 6 days Christmas leave we will get 9. We really lose a day as we are enlisted to 4 this weekend. Of course in many ways - especially financially it suits me better but it is disappointing nevertheless when one has made arrangements & is looking forward to it. They told us on Monday evening - after we had written weekend letters arranging our homecomings etc. Most of the fellows are very wrathy[?]. Have just had a letter from Mother tonight expecting me on Friday. Of course railway transportation is a big problem these days - so the authorities are really wise in their move.

As it is we will probably have from December 21 to 30 or 20 to 29. Half the School will go one day & half the following .

One letter from you this week - but only of Oct 27th so I ought to have others any day.
I will enclose Mothers last Sunday letter. The Cormick were old neighbours of ours - he a Glasgow man, she a Newcastle girl.

Had a P.C. from Berk yesterday - he has been attached to some Engineers Coy. lately so presume he was not in last weeks fighting.

This leave business has quite knocked on the head my arrangements for Christmas letter writing & also for getting my photo taken & also getting you the Signet Ring which I had hoped by sending next weekend to get to you by Christmas. I don't see that I can do anything now but wait till the Christmas week-end. I will have to make them a January [?].

A new rule has come out since Tuesday - stopping the practice of having candles alight in the huts after 10.15 lights out so I can see I am not going to get my final read at nights I have been enjoying.

Our Inspection went off well on Tuesday - splendid weather for the review which was at 11 & the General spent all the after noon poking round rather thoroughly. Van Stranbenzie[?] by name - I never came across the name elsewhere than Toronto before. He is General Officer Commanding Artillery Cadet Schools -

It is well after nine so will deal with your letter on Sunday. Hope all is well with all your people.


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