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Date: November 8th 1917

Thursday - 8 - Nov - 1917
Maresfield Park

My Dear Gertrude

A Few moments before lunch a glorious day out chilly so excuse writing as conditions are more healthy than convenient. We have got some coal at last but only enough to put a fire on in the evening.

Two letters from you on Monday - but I will reply to them on Sunday. Enclosing you Lan's & Berk's letters as promised also the envelope with stamp - rather damaged before I noticed the request.

Have been here four week's yesterday - has passed very quickly. It looks pretty certain that our course is the lengthened to 20 weeks - an extra month - that is here - there is a further 3 weeks course shooting on the coast somewhere after that.

Having piles of notes this week - am away behind in my writing up at present, so look like having a busy week end. The next two weeks from all accounts will be easier in that respect.

We get a curious sort of "scrambled egg" mixture here occasionally with bacon for breakfast - it looks like real egg - but though the taste is not at all bad & quite eggish - it is obviously not egg & must be made with some egg powder or something. I have heard often of such stuff for cooking with - they use it at home a times - but did not know it could produce scrambled eggs.

My heals is almost itself again - i have been able to go in for "Jerks" every morning before breakfast - with enjoyment. "Oh well I must close" Hope all is well your end.

With best love


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