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Date: February 6th 1916

Feb'y 6th, 1916

My Dearest Jack

I am very sorry I haven't been able to get down town with my watch yet, as since the last time I wrote you we have been snowed up. The postman has not been up here since Tuesday when fortunately I gave him your letter to post. The cars have not been running up here since last Monday night, but they have run as far as the Willows the last few days. Connie went out last Monday & couldn't possibly get back until yesterday when she had to tramp from the Willows. Everybody has been short of food, but fortunately we had lots of flour in & Bee was able to bake. Mr Evans got a sleigh to come out with provisions for most of the people on Wed: His wife returned from Seattle on Tues night but she had to stay in town all night, so he hired the sleigh really to bring her home. I wish you could have seen them, the snow was almost up to the top of the horses lets & it took them from 9.30 A.M. until 3.30 P.M. to get up here from town. I don't know how Marshalls went on as they were short of fuel when I left, & the dealers have not been able to deliver coal since. We have been prisoners in the house, & not been able to get papers or anything. It rained & started to thaw yesterday so Bee & I went for bit of a blow, & it took us an hour to walk as far as Pattersons & back, so you can guess what the road was like. I hope to get up to Marshall's to-morrow as I couldn't go last Thurs as promised. I believe there has been quite a lot of distress in the outskirts of the city. Many people were without food & coal, one family had to chop up a bed stead for firewood. Will went to town yesterday & brought us a few papers back. I will try & send you one. Mrs Cresswell wrote for me to start there yesterday instead of the 16th but of course I couldn't go, so I don't know whether she will wait for me.

I suppose by the time you get this, you will have heard that the Parliament Buildings at Ottawa have been burnt down. It's the work of Germans of course, but the papers say it was an accident. They are guarding our Parliament Buildings all the same. They seem to be doing quite a bit of damage again one way or another. I see there was an attempt to blow up a bridge near Montreal last week too. The guard saw a man creeping up & fired at him, but of course he escaped. It seems to me the people over here have got to wake up yet.

Well dearie how are you getting along now? have you been moved to Bath yet? It will be a nice change for you though I wish you could get your furlough first. I am longing to go to town again, its weary work being tied up here. I'll send the watch the first opportunity I get. Kind regards from all, tons of love & kisses from XXXXXXXXXXXXX Your Loving Kate XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

P.S. We had a letter from my brothers wife yesterday, she wants your address so that she can write to you. I will let her have it as soon as I can. Fondest love, Kate.

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