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Date: February 9th 1917

College Street

My Own Darling Kitty

Just a few lines to let you know that I am still progressing favourably with the leg. I was over at the factory again this morning to let them see how I was getting along with it and I have to report there again on Monday. I walked out in town again today but had to use the two canes for safety. I can walk around inside alright with one but I haven't confidence enough to go on the slippery sidewalk with one yet. I have an invitation for supper this evening and I am going to wear my leg to celebrate the occasion. The auto is coming for us at six so I wont have any walking outside to do. Well darling I hope & believe that I shall be able to leave here next week some time as I believe the leg is going to be satisfactory. I can keep it on for eight or ten hours at a stretch without is tiring me too much. Of course it hurts a little but I think that will pass off with use, it's the same way when one starts using crutches. I cant promise you for sure that I shall leave here next week dear but I sure will try my best when I see the doctor after I am through with the manager. I haven't much news for you this time darling am expecting a letter from you this afternoon. I forgot to mention it before but [?] said on her last letter that I was to tell you not to send Jim so many kisses. I have written to them today and asked [?] if I sent her a few would it even it up a little. I don't suppose I'll get a reply from her so if she agrees to my proposal I shall have to deliver them in person. I hope she keeps count of how many Jim has received from you. Well honey you must please excuse this short note but I really haven't any more news for you this time so will close with tons of love & millions of kissesXXXXXXXXXXX

P.S. This is the night of the concert. I hope if you go dear that you will enjoy it & have a real good time XX

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Original Scans