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Date: November 16th 1914

16th Nov 1914

No 16880
1st BC Regt
7th Batt
Can Exped Force
West Doron (South)
Salisbury Plain

My Dearest Kate

I am writing you these few lines to let you know that I am alive and well. I have been waiting to hear from you before writing but I couldn't wait any longer. The last letter I got from you was posted on Oct 20th, I received that last Sat week since then I have received the helmet but no letter. I hope dear you are not sick and not able to write me as I feel so disappointed every time the mail comes round and there's no letter from you but I rather think its been delayed somewhere as some of the boys have had letters mailed to them in England & not got them so its quite probable that the Canadian mail is delayed but I hope it wont be much longer now. I think I have got all the other letters & parcels you sent me & its only just over a week since I got your last letter but it seems such a long time when one is looking for mail twice every day. Well dear how are you getting on all this time. I hope you are all keeping well. Are you still working half time at the tea rooms. It must be nice for you to take a holiday every other week but I guess its pretty bad on pay-day. I had a letter from home yesterday. Harry has been called up for home defence & passed the doctor. He is stationed at Bideford in De von (do you remember Frank reading that poem) We have been having some rotten weather here lately. Fine by day but very wet at nights. I was on guard last Sat just got in after my last [?] beat when the rain came down in torrents for the rest of the night. The other fellows were drenched when they came in after their shift. Its been a fine day today with a cold wind but it helps to dry up the mud. Its cold out tonight beginning to freeze but it probably will rain before morning. We have brought a little oil stove for the tent to warm it up at nights and it makes it quite comfortable here for us & we can cook anything small on it or make a cup of chocolate or coffee before we turn in. Some of the Canadians have been behaving disgracefully since coming to this country. I heard that two of the 6th Batt were sent back to Canada under escort. Two of our Battalion were Court Martialled on Saturday I don't know what the sentences were but one of the guys was Bowers son. It has made it hard for the rest of us as when we came here first 20 percent were allowed away on leave at a time but now its only 10 per cent so we all have to suffer for a few and it gives the whole contingent a bad name. One Sergt was sentenced to a months hard in London the other day for begging on the streets. That's a good example of the Canadian Contingent if you like. I am hoping to go home again for Christmas or the New Year that is unless I get [?] chalked up against me which isn't very likely not if I know it. One of the boys in the tent says that seeing the "Canadians" hurriest [?] Lord Robert's death. I think it must have been a nice death for him to die with his boots on (slang) after seeing so much service I see by the paper tonight that the family want him to be buried (I am sending this to Gen Delivery Please let me know if I must send any more to Clays) at [?]. I guess his will be a great military funeral & probably the Canadians will be represented there & I suppose there will be memorial services right through the Empire. One of our boys in the tent is to be married when he gets his next leave the girl is in London. I saw her the other day I was in Salisbury, she came down for the day to see him. She is quite a nice girl & send him (or rather us) as its all for the tent what the boys get here all kind of nice things we have a big plum pudding here now when we have time to warm it up. I think she must be pretty well fixed as she spends her whole time making things for the soldiers. He doesn't want to get married yet as he thinks it isn't the right thing for him to do at this time. The wedding may probably take place at one of the villages around & if so we shall all go if possible. Probably you know him as he say's he used to be in Clay's quite a lot but not in the Tea Room very often. He say's there used to be a young dark haired girl in the store when he used to go in there. His name is Sivell but I don't know how he managed to pass the doctor to get in this crowd as his eyesight is so bad. The other day we were out skirmishing & had orders to fire at a hay stack at 200 yds & he asked me where it was as he couldn't see it without his glasses I think its very plucky of him to come on a game like this with such bad eyes. Well Darling I think this is about all I have to say this time I hope next time I write I shall be able to use my fountain pen as I have had it fixed & am going to get some ink for it tonight if possible. What do you think of the Stationary with the 7th BC crest on it. Some class to us guys in the BC Regt. I think I told you we were getting special badges & shoulder straps for the Battalion but don't know how long before we shall get them. We have lost quite a few of our Sergt. They have taken up Commisions in the British Army which they held beore they went to Canada. Our [?] Colour Sergt has gone straight to the front to take his Commision in the Indian Army. We were all sorry to lose him as he was such a nice fellow & would do anything for us as far as he could. He came around the tents & wished us all good bye the day he went away. The one we got now is quite a nice fellow but not so good as the last one. Well Darling this is all I have to say now So will Close with heaps of love & tone of kisses for yourself Kind regards to all friends XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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