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Date: February 8th 1916
James Fargey

Bramshott Camp
Feb 8/1916

My Dear Mother,

I rec' your letter today dated Jan 17th. George Money went away yesterday morning with the measles. They didn't send him to the hospital but to an isolation hut here in camp, so all out hut is quarantined. There are forty of us here with two sergeants. They say I'm the next to take it but I'm sure I don't know. It is funny that the two lads from Belmont would take it but Mac will be out the end of this week. There was certainly a big Canadian mail today as I rec' seven letters myself from some of the girls around Belmont.

You certainly are having very severe weather in Manitoba and plenty of snow. In all the reports the mercury in the thermometer has been down pretty low too. We are having very good weather here. The sun is out good today. Our company is away on a route march this afternoon with one of the bands with them. It certainly is a beautiful country around here. [?], that is the nearest town is supposed to be one of the prettiest places in England. I have to write Mr. Money yet as George asked me if I would write and call them at home. There is no further word about us going a soon to the front but I think we will be away by the end of this month anyway. Mac Woods is getting out of quarantine the end of this week. They don't send them to the hospital here the same as they did at Sandling but quarantine them in a hut alone. It is rather hard on you being all alone and the weather so sever but Father will soon be home and I'm sure the trip will do him good. I will write to Cecil too as I haven't written to him for some time and his letters are very interesting. I rec' your parcels or papers and enjoyed reading them. It is certainly hard when the roads are so [?] up that you can't go to church. You certainly will be shut in for a time. How is [?] getting along with the stock? Many a time I wish I was back doing chores this winter but we are soldiering now and have to put up with a few things.

I got a letter from [?] [?] the other day and she sent me her photo. It was a very good picture of her. I got my picture taken at Folkestone but I haven't rec' them yet. They should have forwarded them from East Sandling as they were supposed to have addressed them to Sandling. Well Mother I think this is all the news this time. Love to yourself, Arleen and Cecil.

From your loving son,

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