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Date: June 28th 1916
James Fargey

June 28/16

My Dear Mother,

I rec' your letter of June 4th a couple of days ago and was very pleased to hear from you. The mail was delayed for over a week and it took quite a time for the last letter to come and I think letter to come and I think there is more back mail to come yet.

I am glad to hear that you and Father are going to Winnepeg. It will be a rest as you have been working hard this spring working on the kitchen. I am glad hear that the kitchen is painted and he made a good job of it.

I hope Arleen is successful with her examinations this year as she has been working hard this spring. We are out in camp yet but expect to go back to the trenches in a few days.

I haven't got that small parcel you sent yet but expect it any day now.

Leslie Smith was telling me about their misunderstanding him about his parcel but he told me that he got all his parcels alright from home.

It was been raining for the last couple of days and out huts let the water in a little but still it is far better than being in the trenched and they are in had Canadian now since the heavy bombardments.

Some of the lads had a letter from Jimmie Sheen and he is getting along fine. Their in England at present.

Well Mother I haven't very much more news to tell you. I am going to write to Frank as he has written to me several times and I haven't answered him yet. All the boys are alright. I see them all everyday except Mac who is away [?] as he has sore feet!

With love to all
From your loving son

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