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Date: October 1st 1916
James Fargey

France, Oct 1/16

My Dear Mother,

I rec' your long interesting letter to-day and was very pleased to hear from you. I also rec' a long one from Della Lawson.

I was very sorry to hear that [?] Mr.Smillie had passed away. It will certainly be a shock to the family and when Bert is over in England and physically unfit.

We are having beautiful weather now, especially to-day the sun is shining and but the nights are very cool.

I am glad to hear that Mr. Jon Williamson is around and hope that Arthur will soon be able to around as one invalid in a Family is enough.

Was sorry to hear that you had little wheat but if the price keeps up it wont seem to be so bad. I suppose flour is up in Fran price and will likely be up all winter.

We get good bread here and general enough; but now and again there are short rations. The Germans use black bread and you should see some of the [?] eat our white bread. They work on the roads around here and get so much a day. They seem to be well satisfied.

So you are getting the house painted as it will make quite an improvement on it.

I guess the club [?] will be successful alright and I hope that Aileen and Cecil are successful.

I rec' the parcel of papers the other day and have enjoyed reading them as we have been stayed at this camp for couple of days.

So Cecil and Aileen have plenty of homework to do now. Cecil certainly must have worked pretty hard for this age. I guess you have had some time with Wintie Smith.

I enjoyed your letter to-day and thank you for the scripture chapters I read my chapter every night when I [?] can,

While I was in Bramshott I sent a scarf to London to Leslie Smith's grandmother for to keep for me as I had one when I came over and she is going to send it over as it get rather cool in the evening.

We had service this morning and communion after the service. Major Gordon is certainly a good minister and is well liked among the boys

Arthur, Leslie and myself were at communion the generally hold service out in the open. I wrote to Willie Lawson to-day as he had sent me some clippings on behalf of the Bible Class.

I havn't rec the parcel yet but expect it any day now.

Well this is about all the news I have to tell Remember me to all.

From you loving Son

Jim Fargey

PS Your last letter was dated Sep 11th

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