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Date: September 18th 1917
R.G. Brown

From: France
Tues. 18 Sept. 1917

Dearest Mother -

Yours of Aug. 15 was received some time ago and we are expecting another Canadian mail in a day or two. Your letters come to me pretty regularly now, but I have not received your parcel and I guess will not receive it now. We seem to have bad luck with the parcels, but you want to know if there is anything I need and I believe I will suggest something this time. I would like a fairly heavy pull-over sweater (not the coat sweater), grey would be a nice colour, or brown khaki or blue would be fine. A few of the fellows have already got one and I think it would be wise for me to get one too. I have just been thinking that Aunt Lettie some time ago, when last I heard from her, wanted to send me things and that it might be most convenient if you were to write to her and get the sweater there. She could then send it to me direct from Galt.

We get a change everytime we get a bath but, if you want to, you might put a couple of prs. of sox with it. We will, of course, get issued with underwear etc. when cold weather comes. Last winter out here, as in England, it was exceptionally cold throughout Jan. & Feb. The weather lately has been exceptionally clear and warm for this time of year and we are making the most of it. All too soon, the wet weather will be upon us. I am feeling real well these days. We are in a dandy place just now and I believe we will be pretty well situated for most of coming bad weather.

I was very glad to get news of Willie D. He may not be bad at all and he may be real bad. Some of our fellows were back in a couple of weeks. I have had experience. Had I not been away awhile ago, I would be as W.D. tho probably not bad.

Another thing that a lot of fellows get is a pair of leather mitts or gauntlets which would be more serviceable for working around the guns than the issue would probably be. But I am not particular about them. Again let me assure you that I am feeling fine. I am not as yet in any way troubled by anything in the line of shell shock and I have been through a few things. Love to all.

Yours affectionately,
R.G. Brown

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