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Date: October 20th 1918

From: Cheltenham
20 Oct. 1918

Dearest Mother -

Well, I had my leave in London alright and had a very good time. On Tues. p.m., I went and saw friend Kent at Charing Cross Hospital and spent four hours with him. He was very, very glad to see me, as you may imagine, it being very monotonous in the hospital day after day. He was wounded just above the ankle. His foot is in splints and he has had three or four operations. They were afraid at one time they might have to amputate, but he is doing very well now. It will, of course, be a long time before he can use it. He hadn't seen me since I left France four months ago and he thought I looked real well, some taller and fatter.

Wed. p.m., I went to Witley Camp where I saw several old friends of the 6th and 54th batteries. There is an Artillery Officer's Training School there and I saw four 6th battery fellows there who were on the course. Besides, I saw five or six who had been wounded and were now better, waiting there to go back to France.

On Thurs. p.m., I saw Kent again and before I left, a fellow on leave from the battery came in, so I heard all the latest news.

Our draft left this time, on Sat. afternoon, not to Oxford but the Cheltenham, some 50 mls. W. of London and out 30 mls. from Bristol. It is very nice here, but I would much sooner have gone to Oxford where Casey is and where I could have taken lectures in the famous old colleges of the university. We are starting right in tomorrow morning. A stiff course of lectures on signalling, map reading, aerial navigation, rigging, engines, photography, etc. My address is #304638, Cadet R.G. Brown, "D" Flight, #6 Squadron, #8 School of Aeronautics, R.A.F., Cheltenham, Eng.

Love to all.
Yours sincerely,

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