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Date: November 27th 1916

From: Witley Camp, Eng.
27 Nov. 1916

Dear Mother -

I was very much surprised to receive another letter from you so soon. I received one from you last Sat. and answered it last evening. Then I got another this forenoon. The postage on the parcel was just exactly 72¢. The cake was in fine shape - not dried a bit.

Is not that a nice little Xmas card I am enclosing. We had a chance of ordering them some time ago. Nearly everybody got them so I ordered a dozen too and got them this morning. I think they are very good except for the word gunner. I had it written out in full but, for some reason, they shortened it to gun. Which is not a proper abbreviation. Several others were the same way. It might have been better if I had just written gr. or even gnr. I am mailing 8 others tonight too, besides the one to you. There is a little envelope to fit each one. I do not know yet who I will send the other three to. The eight are - cousin Grace, Grandma, Aunt Bertha, Aunt Lettie, Gladys, Irene Robertson, Josephine Stagg and Mr. Macleod.

I received the enclosed letter from Harold and your signature which I will now have if I need it. Harold wanted to know if I had seen any maple trees in England. I believe there are very, very few of them, but if I remember right, I think I saw one, one day in the town of Godalming where it had probably been planted and cared for. He also wanted to know when we had our first real snow storm. We haven't had a real one yet, but had enough on Sat. to whiten the ground. I mentioned it is a letter, was it Nov. 18 or the week before? This turned to rain the next day. They say it is like that all winter. Snow, rain & slush. That was the only snow we have had.
Yours lovingly,

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