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Date: November 17th 1918

From: St. Martin's Camp
Shorncliffe, Eng.
17 Nov. 1918

Dear Mother -

There were wonderful times in Cheltenham on Mon. when news of the signing of the armistice came to hand. Lectures for the afternoon were cancelled and there were great celebrations and flag waving in the streets. Tuesday lectures were resumed but that evening we were told there would be no more lectures there as the long threatened move to Shorncliffe was about to become a fact. We thought it would be cancelled again, as it seemed strange to move us to Shorncliffe when one would have thought that camp would be needed soon as a demobilization centre. But, we came here on Thursday and a cold miserable place it is. It is only about two miles from where we were at East Sandling and nearer Shorncliffe.

Things are very, very indefinite, nobody seems to know what is gong to happen with us. I don't think we can stay here long tho, as there isn't much room for us and very poor accommodation.

Some of the cadet wings are not far away and it is rumoured that they are to be demobilized soon. Lectures have not been resumed yet. I don't know whether they will try to start them again tomorrow or not. It has been very cold here lately - colder than usual.

According to the papers, there have been wonderful celebrations in London. They are lighting up the streets better now. One sees quite a difference already. It is hard to say what the next few days will bring forth. It may not be long now before some of us can get back. Cadets in training might be some of the first to be demobilized.

Well, rejoicing with you that the war is over and hoping to get back soon.

"D" Flight, #6 Squadron
#8 S. of A., R.A.F.,
St. Martin's Camp
Shorncliffe, Kent
Yours affectionately,

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