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Date: November 17th 1917
R. G. Brown

From: Flanders
Sat. 17 Nov. 1917

Dearest Mother -

I had better snatch this opportunity and write again. Another Canadian mail has arrived and I have received two or three letters but not yours which will likely arrive tomorrow. However, I had better write now anyway.

One of the letters was from cousin Grace who is worrying about her absent "boys" and has already worked off a very good rest she got at Guelph. Headaches, worry, work & visitors - poor cousin Grace & poor cousin Herman. She seems to be very lonely and says she is constantly thinking of and praying for me. Clarence has had treatment for his eyes but apparently they are little better. Another letter was from a girl Eldred Lane who lives in Kingston and whom I first met at Butternut Bay. A third was from Aunt Bertha who would like to write oftener but claims to be a very poor letter writer. However, I don't think so - I had a lovely letter. News of Harley which interested me much with a little on conscription and some home news. I also had two Queen's Journals, the 1st & 2nd issues of this fall term. They must have been sent by Violet Cook. I was very much interested in them. They are the first I have seen since I left Kingston, I believe. By the way, I read in a newspaper some time ago that Prin. Gordon has resigned and that Dr. Bruce Taylor had been appointed in his place. I wonder when that took effect. The Journals I received do not mention it.

I keep in real good health and spirits, inspite of the weather. That sweater is such a good thing to have. I am very glad indeed that I have it. My feet are wet nearly all the time but that can scarcely be avoided and I have enough sox to be able to keep changing every day or so. Placed as I am just now, I have not been able to see a paper for some time and know very little of how things are going. We hear rumours but they can never be relied upon. But, we're getting on.

How are Grandma & Aunt Viola getting along? I hope that everything is OK and all are well.

Yours affectionately,
R.G. Brown

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